Flintobox Success Story – Mrs. Suchitra Shaw

The Story – Turning around her child’s affinity to screen time with interesting activities, Mrs. Suchitra changed the way he spent time at home.

Mrs. Suchitra the mother of 10 year old Emanuel from Secunderabad was sensing her child falling prey to the rising digital age problem of screen addiction.

The Challenge – Emanuel “used to play the smartphone games too often”.

To add to the problem, none of the activities were able to retain his interest for long. As Mrs. Suchitra explains, “he could not concentrate for long”.

Concerned, Mrs. Suchitra started looking around for a solution. Though she came across a lot of promising ones, she decided to go ahead with Flintobox.

The Turning Point – The “simple activities with very good quality” immediately captivated and “increased the interest of my son”.

From getting bored to being “fully occupied with the activities of the flintobox for hours”, Mrs. Suchitra started to see a transformation in her son.

Flintobox Success Story - Mrs. Suchitra

The Result – With increased interactions, Emanuel was no more “interested in silly smartphone games”.

To further add to Mrs. Suchitra’s delight, Flintobox also “increased (the) concentration” of Emanuel.

As she explains, there was a “complete shift of concentration towards the activities” with minimal distractions — that too without any compelling from Mrs. Suchitra’s part.

Having achieved the goal of transforming her kid’s routine, Mrs. Suchitra confidently replies to the question of whether she’d recommend Flintobox, “Yes definitely”.

Need Help Getting Started?

Our generation experienced a childhood without mobile phones and gadgets. But children today are exposed to technology from a very young age. There are both positives and negatives to this.

And it will be great if a balance is struck where children experience the best of both worlds.

If children are spending a good amount of time in front of TV and mobile phones, there are 2 ways to handle it.

Option 1: Restrict the time children spend on TV and mobile phones.
Option 2: Provide healthier alternatives to TV and mobile phones that are attractive to children.

Flintobox is an effort in the direction of the second option. A bunch of activities are carefully selected and designed to educate children on new things every month and in the process, create a fun environment for them. The fun element helps children stay away and control the time they spend in front of screens.

If you would like to provide a healthier alternative to TV and mobile phones, give Flintobox a try!

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