India’s No.1 Subscription Activity Box For 2-12 Year Old Kids

In this day and age, with the boom in nuclear families where both parents venture out to work, there’s little or no time to engage children meaningfully at home.

Screens and video games are exceptionally harmful to a child’s brain development.

At the same time, the hands-on toys and games in the market either lack quality, are not educational or offer very poor engagement.

This is exactly why a lot of parents are turning towards subscription activity boxes for kids.

Educational activities for kids

What Are Subscription Activity Boxes For Kids?

90% of brain development occurs in the early years due to which children need to receive positive experiences. Activity boxes offer a plethora of educational activities — hands-on games, puzzles, experiments and books for children to engage with.

Since they are delivered on a monthly basis, the learning is more comprehensive where your child is introduced to multiple topics and themes. 

Benefits Of An Educational Activity Box Such As Flintobox

  • Never run out of ideas: Activity boxes provide a variety of fun activity games ranging from interesting puzzles to colourful storybooks and worksheets! With high re-play value, children learn in varying degrees of complexity to reinforce the learning
  • New themes = more knowledge: Improve your child’s IQ and pique their interests by introducing new concepts on art, science, world culture and math every month
  • Creative engagement: Not just IQ, your child’s creativity will be sparked by the challenging yet fun learning activities available. Why, activity boxes make even boring subjects like math a creative exercise! 
  • Screen-free fun: Who needs smartphones or video games when you have an even better and more challenging alternative? The creative activities are a perfect way to give your kids at home a break from gadgets!
  • Skill development: Every activity is designed to build essential skills across the main developmental domains — physical, cognitive, language and social, thus empowering your child to become future-ready

Did you know?

Activity boxes such as FlintoboxActivity box for kids - Flintobox, are well-researched, designed by a team of experts, offer challenging learning tools that are just right for a child’s age and developmental stage. 

Flintobox is the market leader in the field of early education and a pioneer in the subscription business model in India. It is the most loved monthly subscription box for kids! 

Over the past 6 years, more than 10 lakh families trust Flintobox for their children’s development.

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