73 Easy Paper Crafts For Kids That Are Absolute Fun!

easy paper craft activities

Looking for cool art projects to keep your little kids busy and creatively engaged?

Then, we have the perfect collection of paper crafts for kids that will be an absolute hit at home!

Try these paper crafts and deck your walls with colourful art. These are engaging activities that will put an end to excessive screen time for kids.

So let’s begin with crafty fun!

Psst! You can recycle old newspapers, used A4 papers, used coloured papers, and much more!

73 Awesome Kids Paper Crafts To Try Today!

1) My Colourful Caterpillar

Time to make a caterpillar with different coloured papers! Cut circles and tear small pieces of the coloured papers and you’re set. Encourage your child to stick the circles and colour-match and paste the torn papers. Help them mimic the action of a caterpillar!

Skills enhanced: Colour sorting, Grip control, Hand-eye coordination

2) Geometric Headband

Today, we’re going to make headgear with colourful little shapes. Your child can then wear the geometric headband and will also simultaneously learn about them! Squares, rectangles, or triangles? Begin with your favourite!

Skills enhanced: Shape recognition, Creativity, Fine motor control

3) My Paper Tree 

This activity can be as colourful as your child wants. Cut out thin strips of coloured papers and help your child roll them and stick them on an outline of the tree. This activity helps your child explore space within which they need to stick. 

Skills enhanced: Fine Motor, Spatial inquiry, Creativity

4) Paper Bird

This paper folding craft is a wonderful way to introduce our flying friends. As your child and you fold to create a bird, you can about the different parts of the bird. Even try out different bird sounds.

Skills enhanced: Fine motor control, Concentration, Creativity

5) 4-Step Geometric Giraffes

In this activity, let’s add to the African flavour with conical giraffes! With four simple steps, your child will be able to create giraffes of different sizes and even make a little safari corner in their room! Isn’t this a fun way to learn about shapes?

Skills enhanced: Coordination, Shape recognition, Spatial reasoning

6) Kite Paper Craft

Why don’t you let your child create their very own version of a paper kite? Kite flying is perhaps what our childhood comprised — carefully crafting the kites, learning the knack of cutting the neighbour’s kites, and understanding the force of the wind! Time to teach your little one about the art of flying kites with this fun kite paper craft activity!

Skill enhanced: Creativity, Fine motor control, Scientific inquiry

7) Ladybug Dangler 

A dangler of colourful three-dimensional ladybugs sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Let’s cut circles out of coloured papers, paint to add the features, and string the ladybugs together. This simple paper craft idea can be used as a numeracy activity too!

Skills enhanced: Shape recognition, Spatial reasoning, Fine motor

8) Paper Craft 3D Cubes

Looking for unique ways to teach your child about different shapes? How about 3D cubes with this easy paper craft? You can be rest assured that your child will enjoy doing this activity that will also strengthen his/her hand-eye coordination. Ready for the 3D cubes?

Skills enhanced: Shape recognition, Spatial reasoning, Fine motor

9) Dancing Paper Pinwheel

Are you planning to take a trip to the beach anytime soon? Then you should probably take a paper pinwheel along with you! Your child can dance to the tunes of the wind with this super quick and engaging paper craft activity. If you don’t live by the sea, you can go to your upstairs and enjoy a breezy evening with the dancing paper pinwheel.

Skills enhanced: Coordination, Concentration, Scientific inquiry

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10) Little Birdie Nest

This paper craft activity requires some amount of preparation. It will definitely engage your little one’s curiosity for a long time. Both of you will get to create a nest and birds out of used crumpled pieces of coloured papers, newspapers, and also fallen leaves and sticks. Realistic nest for pretend birds!

Skills enhanced: Sensory, Fine motor, Imagination

11) My Paper Home 

This easy paper craft idea uses an A4 sheet, colours, and a pair of scissors. Kids of any age will have fun creating this structure aka your paper home. Help your child create this and have fun. You can create just about any structure in the same manner. 

Skills enhanced: Fine motor, Coordination, Concentration 

12) Geometric Owl

Hoot Hoot! Ever seen a flamingo-coloured owl at night? We’ve made one completely with geometric shapes and vibrant colours! This way, your child will get a hands-on understanding of shapes while enhancing his/her creative skills. If you’re ready, let’s begin paper craft geometric owl activity!

Skills enhanced: Shape recognition, Imagination, Creativity

13) Spiral Snake

Say hello to a spiral snake. It’s twisty, friendly and not poisonous! It’s extremely easy to create and will improve your child’s coordination skills in a jiffy. Make these snake decorations – but make sure you don’t scare your loved ones with them!

Skills enhanced: Sensory, Fine motor, Hand-eye coordination

14) Tweety Bird

Unlock your child’s artistry skills with this creative Tweety bird. Remember the old Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries? We’re making our very own Tweety with just paper! Pique your little one’s interest in birds with this fun paper craft activity. Ready to begin?

Skills enhanced: Creativity, Fine motor control, Spatial reasoning

15) Magical Tent  

Here is a paper craft activity that’s sure to keep your child engaged for a long time. Encourage them to cut ot tear a few coloured papers into smaller pieces. Then, stick them on a folded sheet of chart paper! Place your child’s favourite toys and make tents of varied sizes.

Skills enhanced: Fine motor movement, Creativity, Concentration

16) Puppet Home 

Here is an interesting colour-matching craft that your child would love to play with again and again. All you need are some coloured papers, paint, and ice cream sticks to start with. You can pretend play as well. How about building a story?

Skills enhanced: Colour recognition, Sensory, Logical inquiry

17) Fox Puppet

There is an animal hiding in the orange coloured paper. Which animal could it be? A fox, of course! Settle down with your child to create this craft and discuss this jungle animal. You can create many more similar jungle animals and pretend play.

Skills enhanced: Fine motor, Imagination, Symbolic play

18) Paper Currency Notes

Here is a fun math activity, which makes it easy to teach everyday transactions to your child. All you need are coloured papers, sketch pens, and you are set to pretend play. Give this a try and introduce your child to the use of currency.

Skills enhanced: Cognitive, Communication, Symbolic play

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19) Paper Craft Piggy Bank

Ever thought of teaching your child about ‘savings’? How about giving them a piggy bank of their own? Well, not the porcelain one that the kid (usually) ends up breaking (dramatically) in the movies. Why not make a piggy bank with your child?

Skills enhanced: Fine motor, spatial reasoning, Concept inquiry

20) City Skyline

Are your child and you ready to create a cityscape? Reuse the newspapers, coloured papers, and a black chart. You will need paint too? Pick your cityscape and create one of your own. This activity can help you bond with your child — talk about your childhood or theirs!

Skills enhanced: Creativity, Sensory, Fine Motor

21) 4 Fold Gummy Bear

Here’s another fun origami craft that will test your child’s motor and creativity skills. Make a cute gummy bear in just four simple folds. Origami is a great paper folding technique to keep kids engaged physically and mentally. You can also put this up in your child’s study table or safari corner!

Skill enhanced: Fine motor control, Concentration, Creativity

22) King Of The Jungle

Did you know you could create a lion with 3 paper hearts of different sizes? We have with us a not-so-fearsome yet mighty looking lion created with some snips and snaps of a pair of scissors! Experiment with the scissors and create the majestic king of the jungle with a majestic mane.

Skills enhanced: Shape recognition, Creativity, Fine motor movement

23) Geometric City

Calling little architects! How about building and designing a mini-city with different shapes? Grab your craft papers and get ready to roll, cut, and shape a city with paper craft geometric city! This one has triangular roofs, cylindrical homes, square windows and rectangular doors!

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24) Monster Bookmark

Make reading a quirky experience with colourful and not-so-scary monster corner bookmarks! All it takes is paper folding, fine cutting and creative artwork. The monster corner bookmarks will act as friendly reminders and make the reading a whole lot jollier. Your little ardent readers will be super fond of this.

Skills enhanced: Imagination, Creativity, Coordination

25) Dino Paw

Psst, there could be a bigger dinosaur paw hidden in your house! Wait, what? Cut out a dinosaur paw of cardboard. Use coloured papers to make the paw(s) of your child’s favourite colours. Pretend play as a baby and parent dinosaurs!

Skills enhanced: Imagination, Sensory, Coordination

26) Colourful Sea Turtle

Time to dive into the ocean for a swim with a sea turtle! Create a weave pattern for the shell and make it as colourful as your little one wants. This craft can be a fascinating one. This can be used as a prop for pretend play as well.

Skills enhanced: Reasoning, Fine motor, Concentration

27) Paper Fish

This fun paper craft is about a colourful shoal of fish. Cut out strips of coloured papers and draw the features of the fish. Roll and snap to make fish of different colours. How about a pretend play?

Skills enhanced: Imagination, Fine motor, Creativity

28) Farm Animal Hats

Ready to step into the world of a farm. Just create and put on your animal hats. Then, make some animal sounds. Roll the coloured papers into cones and add features of different animals on the farm. You may also create animals, birds, and other creatures from the animal kingdom.

Skills enhanced: Spatial reasoning, Creativity, Pretend play

29) Paper Craft Geometric Gift Wrap

Want your child to learn about shapes and simultaneously create something that can be utilised? How about adding a splash of colours and shapes on paper and turning it into a gift wrapper? Are you ready for paper craft geometric gift wrap activity?

Skills enhanced: Shape recognition, Fine motor grip, Creativity

30) Balloon Elephant Card 

This fun card is sure to tickle some funnybones. Create a card using some chart paper, coloured paper, and a balloon. You can make this into a fun holiday card or a thank you card!

Skills enhanced: Spatial reasoning, Creativity, Grip control

31) Pleated Umbrella 

U for an umbrella! Get ready to create an umbrella out of coloured paper. But here are the fun parts — your child and you create patterns using paint on the coloured paper and then, pleat it to create it! Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

Skills enhanced: Fine Motor, Concentration, Creativity

32) Paper Fish Aquarium

Fish here, fish there, fish in the aquarium, how do they swim? This engaging craft idea is sure to tickle your child’s creative brain as they assemble together an aquarium using coloured papers, paints, and an interesting paper folding technique

Skills enhanced: Imagination, Coordination, Concentration

33) My Shape Monster 

Shape, shape, which shape monster do you want to make? This easy paper craft activity is sure to give your child a creative boost as they paint using cotton and use other tactile materials. Allow them to create monsters of any shape they want.

Skills enhanced: Shape recognition, Imagination, Creativity

34) Origami Fish 

Time to fold paper into fish! Doesn’t it sound magical? You can reuse coloured papers or encourage your child to paint the used papers and then fold them into fish. This origami activity will keep your little one engaged for hours! You can create an underwater scape.

Skills enhanced: Fine Motor, Spatial Inquiry, Logical reasoning

35) My Big Bus

Wheels on the bus go round and round! Let’s make a big bus at home with some coloured paper and paint. Cut out and stick the body of the bus and windows. Dip and stamp using the paper tube to create the circle tyres for the bus. You are all set.

Skills enhanced: Cognitive, Coordination, Fine motor

36) My Aeroplane 

Let’s fly up to the sky in our aeroplane! Let’s make a fun skyscape with paint, coloured papers, and lots of sticking. Create the sky using the sponge-painting technique and your child is all set. This simple paper craft is definitely engaging. 

Skills enhanced: Sensory, Coordination, Grip control

37) Paper Craft Butterflies

Aren’t butterflies one of the most colourful creatures in a garden? Fluttering about here and there, all around. Imagine how wonderful it would be to make butterflies out of paper? Recycle those coloured papers and make these winged wonders along with your toddler! Check out our paper craft butterflies activity.

Skill enhanced: Grip control, Creativity, Cognition

38) Sail Decor 

On the waves and through the waves, a boat sails across the sea! Create a fun sailing scape with coloured papers, paint, paper plate and set sail. This activity requires your child to try out different techniques such as cotton painting and paper folding.

Skills enhanced: Creativity, Fine Motor, Imagination

39) Rocket Car

Let’s zoom around in a fancy rocket car! Reuse coloured papers, paper tube, and cardboard sheet. Settle down for this project that will tickle your and your child’s curiosity. 

Skills enhanced: Spatial reasoning, Cognitive, Fine motor

40) Children’s Day Greeting Card 

Time to make a greeting for your child along with them! Cut out different colour sheets of paper into different shapes and glue them to create a card, especially for them. It could be about the activities your like. And yes, you can doodle too!

Skills enhanced: Fine Motor, Creativity, Imagination

41) Postage Stamp

We’ve got an easy paper craft activity that will take you for

This super simple paper craft activity has all the right elements — painting, doodling, and craft! Create a sample as big as you want and introduce your child to how stamps are used. 

Skills enhanced: Fine motor, Creativity, Sensory

42) Pickle Jars 

What can we store in a glass jar? Some pickles perhaps would be great! Your child and you can do some vegetable stamping to fill the jars. Cut out the jars and then stamp away. 

Skills enhanced: Coordination, Spatial inquiry, Concentration

43) Little Florist

Let’s pretend play as a florist. How about making some flowers using this east paper craft activity. The paper folding technique is quite fascinating for your child and you. What are the different colours of flowers?

Skill enhanced: Fine motor, Creativity, Symbolic play

44) Veggie Puppets 

Are you ready for some vegetable puppet story? Let’s create this simple paper craft idea and create puppets using ice cream sticks. Choose the vegetables your child wants to create puppets of. This is a wonderful activity to help with fussy eating in your little one.

Skills enhanced: Fine motor, Imagination, Communication

45) 3D Parachute

Make a colourful parachute using paper cut-outs. Teach your child about the flying machines — parachutes! Hot air balloons are always fun to look at. Make this with your child and hand it in front of his/her window. Watch as it sways along with the breeze!

Skills enhanced: Fine motor control, Spatial reasoning, Logical reasoning

46) Paper Lantern

Any festive occasion coming up? How about creating bright and vibrant paper lanterns? You can make them all the more attractive with serial lights! Use textured or handmade paper for a better effect. Your child can beautify his/her room with lights and lanterns!

Skills enhanced: Fine motor, Coordination, Creativity

47) Weave A Fish

Here’s a superb and ultra-colourful paper weaving activity to fine-tune your little artist’s fine motor skills. Weave in a magical looking fish with colourful paper strands. This activity will also introduce your child to underwater aquatic life! It’s loads of fun and we’re sure it will look great on your wall!

Skills enhanced: Fine motor grip, Hand-eye coordination, Concentration

48) Rocket Launcher

Paper crafts are always fun and can even teach your kids a thing or two about science! Like this amazing paper craft rocket launcher. We assure you, this activity will hardly take a couple of minutes for you to create! And once you do, your child won’t stop having fun with this rocket launcher! All you need is paper, a pair of scissors and a straw!

Skills enhanced: Scientific inquiry, Coordination, Observation

49) Japanese Paper Folding Fan

Here’s a really cool art project that you must try — the Japanese paper folding fan! Paper pleating is something kids thoroughly enjoy! Strengthen your child’s fine motor skills and make the Japanese fan as colourful as possible! The fan is sure to come in handy during summer.

Skills enhanced: Fine motor control, Concentration, Creativity

50) 3D Paper Diya 

Let’s add some light decor to the living room with this simple paper lantern activity. Cut the flames and diyas out of your child’s favourite colours. Settle down to create 3D diyas and string them together. 

Skills enhanced: Spatial inquiry, Coordination, Concentration 

51) Dandia Sticks

Navratri is a time that is filled with happiness and celebrations. After the prayers along with the variety of sweets and snacks, it all culminates with the celebratory dance by everyone in the family with dandia sticks. And to make sure that everyone in the family gets them, we bring to you the navratri special dandia sticks paper craft activity.

Skills enhanced: Fine motor, Hand-eye coordination, Gross motor

52) Handmade Rakhi

With the spirit of brotherhood and sisterhood in the air, it’s time to celebrate Raksha Bandhan. Here we have an interesting paper craft to celebrate this special occasion. Is your child ready to make this special handmade rakhi? Let’s get started!

Skills enhanced: Fine motor, Creativity, Concentration

53) Handmade Roses

Now, who doesn’t love Roses! Why not teach your child to make some pretty paper craft handmade roses. Not only does your child get to engage in some creative play, but will also be able to cherish their creative output forever or at least until they grow a little older!

Skills enhanced: Fine motor control, Coordination, Creativity

54) Paper Craft Flower Bunch

Engage in a creative paper craft today! Let’s create a bunch of colourful paper flowers. This flower bunch is simple, beautiful and everlasting! Not the type that dries up! You can make a bunch of these in different colours and hand them over as a thank-you token when you feel like it!

Skill enhanced: Grip control, Coordination, Spatial reasoning

55) Paper Bird Door Decor

Here’s a cute paper craft that every kid will love! An endearing activity where a mama bird feeds her baby bird! Once your child completes it, you can put it on your wall. Ready to chirp along with the little birds and begin paper craft birds door decor?

Skills enhanced: Cognition, Creativity, Fine motor

56) Origami Paper Camera

Before the foray of smartphones and digital cameras, the age-old film camera is what we used to store memories — and very selectively as well! How about using the art of origami to craft a toy camera with your child? It even goes klachak every time you click! Get ready for this fun origami paper camera activity!

Skill enhanced: Fine motor, Concept inquiry, Creativity

57) Origami Gift Box

Have a small gift to give to someone? How about a unique box to wrap it in? Here’s an interesting origami activity for your kid to engage with and gift a near and dear one! Make an origami paper gift box!

Skills enhanced: Spatial reasoning, Coordination, Shape recognition

58) Christmas Decoration Craft

Spruce up your walls this Christmas with this creative activity of fun hanging decorations and get your house ready for Santa’s visit! Try this interesting Christmas decoration craft activity with your little one!

Skills enhanced: Fine motor, Coordination, Creativity

59) Christmas Decoration Hat

It’s the season of fa-la-la-la-la and jingles all the way! How about engaging your little one with a creative Christmas activity to ring in the season? As this is the season of sharing, don’t forget to make some Santa hats for your friends! Easy Christmas decoration Santa hat activity for your little ones!

Skill enhanced: Fine motor control, Creativity, Sensory

60) Origami Dog

With a ‘woof-woof’ here, with a ‘woof-woof’ there! Well, wouldn’t it be fun to make a little pupper out of paper? This easy paper craft activity is all about creating an origami dog! Choose your child’s favourite colour and fold away! It is an engaging animal craft for your little one!

Skills enhanced: Fine motor, Spatial reasoning, Concentration

61) Paper Craft Leaf Art Portrait

“Why are leaves green in colour”, “Are they always green in colour”, or “Are all leaves of the same shape?” Has your child asked you such questions about leaves? There are no easy answers, just yet. Well, the science behind leaves is for later. Instead, engage your child in this simple activity to create a branch with leaves of different shapes and colours! 

Skills enhanced: Coordination, Sensory, Creativity

62) Magic Wallet

Here’s an excellent April Fool’s or everyday trick that your child can play on their near and dear ones. Surprise the participant with a magic wallet. Make money appear and disappear upon command! It’s a simple and easy paper craft that will totally trigger your little one’s curiosity!

Skill enhanced: Fine motor, Curiosity, Logical reasoning

63) Bunny Puppet

A super fun and creative finger puppet idea for your child. Especially fun during the month of Easter, this bunny puppet can even be used to boost pretend-play and imaginative skills. Your child can tell a story and at the same time learn about the life of bunny rabbits!

Skill enhanced: Coordination, Creativity, Symbolic play

64) Bee Colony

A lovely art to create and a great add-on to your living room wall! In this activity, your child will engage with fine motor paper rolling and even create a fantastic projecting beehive. This bee colony activity will also introduce your child to bees and give them a better understanding of their lifestyles.

Skill enhanced: Fine motor, Spatial reasoning, Concept inquiry

65) Straw Missile

An engaging activity that will tickle your little scientist’s thinking! Make way for the non-destructive straw missile! It will hardly take a couple of minutes, but we’re sure that the engagement with this activity will be never-ending. This will trigger your child’s understanding of balance and projection like no other.

Skill enhanced: Scientific inquiry, Fine motor, Observation

66) Go Fish Project!

Ready to go fishing? Because we’re creating a fishing setup with different coloured sheets of paper. Add a dash of creativity to your child’s room with this art project. You can teach your kids about the art of fishing with this engaging activity. Add paper craft fish, stones and aquatic plants to make it more magical!

Skill enhanced: Fine motor, Imagination, Creativity

67) Flower Pot Greeting Card

Teach your child to create a colourful and unique greeting card for an upcoming family occasion! Your child can surprise their loved ones with this greeting card. There really is nothing as beautiful and loving as a handmade gift, is there? Your child can also personalize it with their favourite things!

Skills enhanced: Fine motor control, Creativity, Concentration

68) 3D Indian Flag

It is essential to teach children about patriotism and make them feel proud of themselves to be a part of India. So, it’s time to make them feel proud about Mother India by helping them create a 3D version of our iconic tricolour flag. Let’s get our national flag up in the sky.

Skills enhanced: Fine motor, Spatial reasoning, Concentration

69) Strawberry Notebook Cover

Here’s a super-duper back-to-school paper crafts activity for your little ones! Cover your child’s notebooks with layers of fruit designs. You can also add a name label as well as a pen-holder. We’ve done a strawberry themed notebook cover. You can make one with your child’s favourite fruit! They’re sure to love it. (This may also get them to eat healthily!)

Skills enhanced: Coordination, Creativity, Imagination

70) Forest of Fir Trees

Recycle an old cardboard box to create a mini-forest setup. Cut strips of different shades of green paper to make fir trees. You can also prop it on a paper plate and add a snowy effect to it. You can also add to the magical fir tree forest by adding animals too!

Skills enhanced: Fine motor, Shape recognition, Creativity

71) Storage Station

Paper crafts that are useful? Yep! This one is! Recycle an old cardboard box and transform it into a useful storage station! Cut strips of coloured paper to make it more creative and colourful. Small boxes can be used as stationery holders and large ones can be to stack magazines. This will not only be useful but will also look absolutely great!

Skills enhanced: Fine motor, Care, Creativity

72) Carrot Container

Does your child like eating healthy food? What about carrots? Well, this activity will come in handy! Make a delicious and crunchy carrot-shaped stationery holder with your little one. Try carrot container paper crafts of different shapes to store different items! It’s useful and loads of fun to create!

Skills enhanced: Creativity, Spatial reasoning, fine motor control


73) Circular Paper Spinner

All you need is yarn, paper and sketch pens for this creative paper craft idea! Design colourful concentric patterns and spin them to watch a magical show! Watch as colours burst out from the spinner! Your kids will love this — and so will adults!

Skills enhanced: Fine motor, Scientific inquiry, Observation


Paper crafts are fun, easy, and definitely enhance your child’s overall skill development. 

Such do-it-yourself or DIY activities include different techniques — such as paper folding, painting, weaving, etc. — which also introduce them to complex patterns.

Let us know which easy paper craft activities your child liked to do!

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