Activities To Take Kids Away From TV and Smartphones

Activities To Take Kids Away From TV and Smartphones

Does your child spend more time with the screen than with you while at home? Well, we all know that too much screen time can cause several harmful (and long-term) effects on your child. But the good news is, you can fix this! All you need to do is find activities that are equally entertaining and captivating. Here are some activities that you can start with!

Geometric City

Let’s begin by designing a complete shape-driven geometric city! Cylindrical homes, triangular roofs, square windows and rectangular doors! Sounds fun? It sure is! And this is just a sample. Your child can build upon the idea and create a full city with trees, cars, roads, people and more in geometric city!

Zootopia In A Matchbox!

Does your child love animals? We sure do! How about we sit down and create cute li’l thumbprint animals inside a matchbox? This activity will give your child hands-on (oops, I mean thumbs-on!) creative learning experience! The activity is extremely entertaining and we’re sure your child will have a blast roaring and growling with the animals!

3D Paper Cubes

Time for 3D art! Paper cubes is a fun and challenging activity where your child will turn colourful paper strips into cubes. All you need to do is, give your child coloured strips of paper and watch as he/she turns them into colourful paper cubes. You can also pile them up as a decor at home, once done!