13 Paper Cup Crafts To Tickle Your Kid’s Creativity

You can make a pen stand out of paper cup, a multicoloured bouquet, or perhaps a wind turbine! We will tell you how. With these engaging and colourful paper cup crafts, your child learns about recycling and organising better. He/she is also introduced to concepts like green energy, environment, etc. Let’s get started with paper cup crafts, then.

13 paper cup crafts to trigger your child’s imagination!

Earthworm Garden

Did you know that tiny, squiggly earthworms play an important role in maintaining the ecosystem? Here’s a paper cup craft activity where you and your child create a beautiful garden for the earthworm. Here’s how we made one for this World Environment Day!

Summer Coolers

Recycle paper cups and transform them into a funky fashion trend! We’ve a paper cup craft activity, which your child will love doing. Paint paper cups and ice cream sticks in bright colours to create this stunning pair of funky and unique summer coolers!

Pen Stand

Are your child’s stationery items spread all over the place? Help him/her make a pen stand and organise better using a paper cup and some ice cream sticks. We are sure your child is sure to use it when he/she creates one from scratch.

Wind Turbine

Wonder how you can transform paper cups into wind turbine? We have just the creative paper cup craft activity for you. As your child paints, glues, and creates the windmill, teach him/her about the clean energy-wind energy. So go ahead and recycle some paper cups!

Paper Cup Bouquet

Is there a family event around the corner? How about helping your child creating a personalised bouquet? You can recycle paper cups, add dash of colours, and stick them on a coloured paper. Ta-da, a beautiful and colourful paper cup bouquet is ready!

Deadpool Activity

This mind-blowing paper cup craft activity is for Deadpool fans. Make a Deadpool miniature model using paper cup, some paints, and ice cream sticks! Your child is sure to have a ball of a time making this study table décor.

Toffee Box

What better way to store toffees and chocolates than in a personalised toffee box? Well, we have just the paper cup craft activity that your child will be thrilled to try out. He/she will recycle a paper cup and transform it into a colourful storage box.

Paper Cup Bunny

Hey there, watch out! A bunny might just jump out of the paper cup. Don’t believe us? Then, this delightful paper cup craft idea is for you and your child to try out at home. When done, you can place the paper cup bunny anywhere!

Paper Cup Ducks

Looking for interesting and engaging ways to teach your child about ducks and ducklings? ZeeQ came up with creative paper cup art to enhance learning! Create a momma duck with her trail of ducklings in this super-fun and creatively-engaging paper cup craft activity!

Paper Cup Ducks


Pssst! There is an octopus in a paper cup. Well, it’s quite possible to make at home too. Take a look at this easy-peasy paper cup craft. Engage your little one in creating one and introduce him/her to one of the most intelligent creatures on Earth.

Paper Cup Flower

If you’re looking for super-quick decoration ideas for a sudden party, then check out this perfect idea by Art Platter! Create colourful flowers using paper cups in a jiffy! These look great as wall decors and will keep your child creatively engaged and mentally active!

Paper Cup Flowers

Sunflower Burst

Here’s how your child and you can make a bunch of smiling, yellow sunflowers with this simple paper cup craft activity. Recycle some paper cups, colour, snip, and stick them to create a sunflower burst wall décor!


Make a colourful trophy at home by recycling a couple of paper cups and chart papers. Your child will be thrilled to make a trophy for himself/herself with this colourful paper cup craft idea. Place the trophy for everyone to see. It’s a pat on your little one’s back.


Any paper cup can be recycled and made into an interesting décor, a pen stand, or even a duck. With these paper cup crafts, your child’s creativity, imagination, and fine motor skills are enhanced. Do tell us which of the activities caught your little one’s attention. 


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