Bird Watcher Activity For Preschoolers: Flying Birds

Bird Watcher Activity For Preschoolers: Flying Birds

Birds flying up in the sky, birds flying in circles, birds flying all around! Get ready to have birds flying around your own house. Apart from being awesome house decor, these birds can double as super fun story time props. Make one or many along with your preschooler. Go ahead and watch the bird watcher flying birds activity video to know more.

Parental Involvement: Medium

Duration: 20 minutes

Skills Acquired: Creativity, Play, Coordination


  1. Papers
  2. A pair of scissors
  3. Sketch pens/paint
  4. Coloured paper
  5. String/yarn

Instructions for Bird Watcher Flying Birds Activity:

  • On a paper, draw a bird template. (check out the above video!)
  • Cut out the bird template.
  • Define the bird features using a sketch pen.
  • On coloured paper, draw and cut out the feet, tail, and beak of a bird.
  • Place the string in the flap of the bird, apply glue on the flap and seal it.
  • Fold a paper into a strip and fold it to create a handle.
  • Using glue, paste the holder on to the bird.
  • Apply glue on the feet and stick on either loose ends of the string.
  • Stick the beak and tail on the bird.
  • Decorate your bird using sketch pens/ paint/ coloured pencils/ crayons.
  • Hang the flying bird by the handle.

Get ready to play with your flying bird!

Make as many as your preschooler wants. The flying birds make for great story time props. Hang them up, watch them fly, and use them as characters of your story! Once you’ve defined all the parts of the bird, provide your little one with colouring tools and let them unleash their creativity. Here’s a story prompt: The birds flew up and they flew high, how much farther do they have to fly to reach the moon?

Activity by Vishwajeet