Bird Watcher Activity For Preschoolers: Tweet-Tweet Cards

Bird Watcher Activity For Preschoolers: Tweet-Tweet Cards

Tweet, tweet, tweet… have you ever gone bird watching? We see birds of all colours and sizes! They have beautiful patterns and some sing so beautifully. Here’s a craft for your preschooler to create colourful birds. You may also gift them to your family and friends! So, go ahead and watch the bird watcher tweet-tweet cards activity video to know more.

Parental Involvement: Medium

Duration: 15 minutes

Skills Acquired: Creativity, Fine Motor, Coordination


  1. Coloured papers
  2. A4 sheets
  3. Glue
  4. Sketch pen
  5. Pencil
  6. A pair of scissors

Instructions for Bird Watcher Tweet-Tweet Card Activity:

  • Cut a circle from coloured paper and fold in half.
  • Apply glue on one half of the folded paper and stick on an A4 sheet.
  • On another sheet of white paper, draw and cut out the bird’s eye.
  • Cut two triangles out a coloured paper. These are your bird’s beak.
  • Glue the beak and eye on the bird.
  • Cut thin strips of coloured papers.
  • Apply glue on the ends of the coloured strips and stick them on the bird.
  • Using a sketch pen, draw the bird’s legs.

Your bird watcher tweet-tweet cards activity is done!

You can take the card a step further and encourage your little one to finger paint the bird in beautiful patterns. How about going bird watching and your preschooler can replicate some birds they’ve seen! Don’t forget to write a message for your friends and family and send them the card. As your little one attempts to paste the bird parts they develop their coordination.

Activity by Vishwajeet