Glowing Chemistry Activity For Children: Galaxy In A Bottle

Glowing Chemistry Activity For Children: Galaxy In A Bottle

Imagine going on a colourful and marvellous adventure through the star-filled galaxy. Wouldn’t it be magical? Then, this decor activity is sure to add a dash of fun for your child. Get ready to explore the glowing and glittering galaxy. All you need are some cotton wool, watercolour, glitters, and a bottle. Then, you are all set to create a slice of an imaginary galaxy. Check out the glowing chemistry galaxy in a bottle activity to know more.

Parental Involvement: Low

Duration: 25 minutes

Skills Acquired: Curiosity, Creativity, Sensory


  1. Bottle
  2. Cotton wool
  3. Watercolour
  4. Glitter colours
  5. Light source – UV light/torchlight
  6. Straw

Instructions for Glowing Chemistry Galaxy In A Bottle Activity

  • Fill the bottle with pieces of cotton till half.
  • Choose a glitter colour and add in the bottle.
  • With the straw mix to ensure the glitter is spread all around the pieces of cotton.
  • Repeat the process with other glitter colours.
  • Add some watercolour in the bottle. Any two colours.
  • Add more cotton. Repeat the process of adding glitter colours and more watercolour.
  • Stuff more cotton and add some watercolours.

Your galaxy in the bottle is ready!

Your child can make the galaxy glow and glitter. Turn on the torchlight. Place the bottle in front of the light source. How does the galaxy look?

In this activity, your child gets to explore the concept of galaxy. A galaxy is filled with millions of stars, dust, and gases in the plasma state that make it a colourful tableau!

Activity done by Vishwajeet