Healthy Habits Activity For Toddlers: Happy Teeth

Healthy Habits Activity For Toddlers: Happy Teeth

Have you started brushing your toddler’s teeth? If you’ve answered yes, you’ve stumbled upon this craft at the right time! Use this craft to help your little one learn the different brushing techniques: up-down, side-to-side, round-and-round! Watch the healthy habits happy teeth activity video below to get a step-by-step.

Parental Involvement: High

Duration: 20 minutes

Skills Acquired: Discovery, Cognition, Fine Motor


  1. Paper
  2. Old toothbrush
  3. Paint
  4. Sketch pen

Instructions for Healthy Habits Happy Teeth Activity

  • Draw an outline of teeth.
  • Dip your toothbrush in paint and paint the teeth.
  • Demonstrate the different brushing techniques while painting with the brush.
  • Help your toddler dip finger in paint and paint the eyes and mouth for the teeth.

Your happy teeth is completed!

This activity is perfect for demonstrating how to brush teeth. If your toddler isn’t able to hold the brush, you may demonstrate the techniques by using their fingers to paint the teeth. While you do this craft, create a fun brushing song for brushing time!

Activity by Vishwajeet