Healthy Little Champ Activity For Kids: Fruity Bookmarks

Healthy Little Champ Activity For Kids: Fruity Bookmarks

Fruits are good for your child’s health. Well, here’s a good way to inculcate reading habit in your little one using fruits! If you’re wondering how, then here’s our healthy little champ fruity bookmarks activity for you. Fruits make for wonderful bookmark patterns. Your child can create a bunch of them and make their reading experience all the more refreshing!

Parental Involvement: Low

Duration: 15 minutes

Skills Acquired: Fine Motor, Creativity, Self-expression


  1. Coloured paper – red, purple, blue, green
  2. Sketch pen – black
  3. Paint – white
  4. Pair of scissors
  5. Glue

Instructions for Healthy Little Champ Fruity Bookmarks Activity

  • Cut out circles of blue and purple coloured papers. Cut out a triangle out of another coloured paper.
  • Stick the circles along the triangle in the form of grapes.
  • Draw and cut out a leaf. Stick it to complete the grapes.
  • Now, draw an arc on a strip of red and green coloured papers.
  • Cut them out. Glue them to form the base of watermelon.
  • Paint a white line.
  • Draw the seeds using the sketch pen to complete the watermelon.
  • Cut out small and thin strips and stick them at the back of each fruit.

The fruity bookmarks are ready!

Ask your child to create as many bookmarks of different fruits as they want. Use them to bookmark the books you are all reading.

In this activity, your child not only expresses their creativity, but also creates bookmarks that involve their fine motor skills.

Activity done by Sreejith & Hariharan