In The Market Activity For Preschoolers : Little Florist

In The Market Activity For Preschoolers : Little Florist

Have you taken your child to a florist? They sure must have a wide collection of flowers. Well, you can set up a pretend flower stall along with your child and pretend play! All you need are some coloured papers; straws, and you can make your own flower bouquets. Take a look at the in the market little florist activity video below to know more.

Parental Involvement: Medium

Duration: 30 mins

Skills Acquired: Fine Motor, Creativity, Symbolic Play


  • Coloured papers
  • Hole punch
  • Straws
  • A pair of scissors

Instructions For In The Market Little Florist Activity

  • Take small rectangular pieces of colour papers.
  • Help your preschooler make an accordion fold of each coloured paper.
  • Using a pair of scissors, cut out small triangles on one side of each paper.
  • Flatten each coloured paper and fold it in half.
  • At the other end, cut out a curve of each coloured paper.
  • The flowers are many colours are now ready!
  • Punch out a hole in the middle of the flowers and encourage your child to insert the straws through them.

The flower for the bouquet is ready!

Use different coloured papers and make a few more flowers. Set up a pretend florist stall for your child and encourage them to pretend play as a florist. Give them fun instructions such as “I would take a red, blue and a yellow flowers.” They can pick out the flowers, make a bundle, and tie them with a ribbon.

As your child pretend plays, their creativity is tickled and their imagination improves. Folding papers enables them to exercise their fine motor movements.

Activity done by Vishwajeet