In The Market Activity For Preschoolers: Market Crate

In The Market Activity For Preschoolers: Market Crate

Speaking of the market, how about you introduce your preschooler to the concept of crates? All it takes are a few ice cream sticks and some cardboard strips to make a market crate. You may make crates to set up a pretend market stall and let your little one pretend play. Check out the in the market market crate activity video to get the step-by-step.

Parental Involvement: High

Duration: 45 minutes

Skills Acquired: Cognition, Symbolic Play, Communication


  • Ice cream sticks
  • Glue
  • Cardboard
  • A pair of scissors

Instructions For In The Market Market Crate Activity

  • Take a few ice cream sticks. Cut off the ends.
  • Encourage your preschooler to assemble three ice cream sticks in a row.
  • Apply glue and encourage them to stick two ice cream sticks on each side to form a fence-like side.
  • Repeat the process to make another fence-like side.
  • Cut out the cardboard and stick at each of the fences.
  • Apply glue and encourage your child to stick the ice cream sticks on the other two sides to form a box. (Refer to video)
  • Measure and cut out a piece of cardboard. Help your child to stick it to the base of the crate.

Your market crate is ready!

Go ahead and create as many as crates of varying sizes. How about adding some colours? Encourage your preschooler to dip some cotton in paint and give a coat of paint to the crates. Place different items such as small flowers, toffees, etc. You may add name tags to the pretend market stalls. Encourage your child to pretend play —count and sell their market items.

As your preschooler engages in making a crate with you, their cognition improve. Pretend play enables them to expand their vocabulary and communicate better.

Activity done by Vishwajeet