In The Market Activity For Preschoolers : Plate Decor

In The Market Activity For Preschoolers : Plate Decor

Wouldn’t vegetables and paint make for an interesting sensory colour play? Well, take your preschooler on a fun stroll to the local grocer and ask them to pick up different vegetables they like. Bring the vegetables home and help your little one create vegetable prints to make a cute home decor! Here’s a quick look at the in the market plate decor activity video and make your own one-of-a-kind home decor.

Parental Involvement: Medium

Duration: 30 minutes

Skills Acquired: Fine Motor, Creativity, Coordination


  • Paper plate
  • Vegetables
  • Paint
  • Clothespins

Instructions For In The Market Plate Decor Activity

  • Cut a few vegetables you had bought at the market. We have used corn, capsicum, carrot, and brinjal.
  • Encourage your child to dip the cut vegetables in paint and imprint on the paper plate.
  • Let your child finger-paint as well to add details to the decor.
  • Once dry, attach two clothespins at the rim of the plate.

Your plate decor is ready for display!

As your preschooler imprints, talk to them about the colours and vegetables they use. Encourage them to create more decors using different vegetables and colours. How about a story? Here’s a line to get you started: “Once there was a market vendor who sold a special variety of beans…!”

As your child dips and imprints the vegetables, their fine motor muscles are exercised, which in turn improves their grip. Experimenting with colours improves their creativity.

Activity done by Vishwajeet