Little Farmer Activity For Preschoolers: Rooster Art

Little Farmer Activity For Preschoolers: Rooster Art

Here’s a good way to recycle all those plastic forks — using it as a painting tool! Create a simple piece of art with the help of your preschooler. Get ready to make colourful rooster in an easy manner. This is a fun way to introduce them to this farm bird and to different colours. Check out the little farmer rooster art activity video to know how.

Parental Involvement: High

Duration: 30 minutes

Skills Acquired: Fine Motor, Creativity, Sensory


  1. A4 sheet
  2. Paper plate
  3. Paint
  4. Plastic forks
  5. Sketch pen

Instructions for Little Farmer Rooster Art Activity

  • Sketch an outline of the rooster on an A4 sheet.
  • Encourage your child to dip the fork in paint and drag it on the sheet to create wave-like patterns.
  • Encourage them to repeat the process with other colours. It is okay for them to overlap the colours.
  • Once done, paint the pointy comb on the rooster’s head.
  • Dip the other end of the fork in red paint and paint the beak and the wattle for the rooster.
  • Use the pointy end to paint the feet.

The rooster art is ready!

Encourage your child to describe the rooster they have created. Let them identify the colours by their names. Go ahead and create other farm animals in this manner. Let them have a farm of their own!

This activity is a great way to exercise your preschooler’s fine motor muscles. As they paint freely with the forks, they develop their coordination.

Activity by Vishwajeet