Magical Magnets Experiment For Children: My Space Rocket

Magical Magnets Experiment For Children: My Space Rocket

Isn’t it fascinating how rockets are launched into space. Imagine the amount of energy that’s required to propel it into space. Well, we have a decor-cum-science idea wherein your child not only put together a space decor, but also explore the concept of magnetic field and attraction. The magical magnets space rocket shows you how. Oh, you can recycle and reuse a Flintobox for this!

Parental Involvement: Low

Duration: 25 minutes

Skills Acquired: Imagination, Knowledge, Creativity


  1. Magnets
  2. Coloured papers
  3. Screw
  4. Yarn
  5. Cardboard box
  6. Sketch pen
  7. Scale
  8. A pair of scissors
  9. Masking tape
  10. Glue

Instructions For Magical Magnets Space Rocket Experiment

  • On coloured papers of the same colour, draw outlines of a rocket. Cut them out.
  • Tape a screw on the tip of one of the rockets.
  • Cut and tape some yarn at the rear end of the rocket.
  • Then, glue both rockets together.
  • Draw and cut out stars of different colours. Don’t forget the moon.
  • Glue the stars and moon in the inside of a cardboard box — we’ve reused a Flintobox — to complete the space set-up.
  • Tape all the magnets like a tower.
  • Now, it’s time to place the rocket in a space background. Take it closer to the magnets.
  • Tape the other end of the yarn in a manner that the tip of the rocket doesn’t touch the cardboard.

Your space rocket decor is all done. Isn’t it magical? What do you think is happening?

Science behind this

Move the scale between the rocket and the cardboard, is the rocket still in the air?

Well, this is due to the magnetic field around the magnets. Now, typically a magnet attracts a few metals like iron, cobalt, steel etc.  Thus, the screw taped at the tip of the rocket is attracted to the magnets.

Magnetic fields are invisible and very powerful. Their force is so strong that you can see the rocket hovering.

Activity done by Vishwajeet