Marvellous Mechanics Activity For Children: Wind Up Toy

Marvellous Mechanics Activity For Children: Wind Up Toy

Get ready to create your own wind up toy! The wind-up mechanism used in this toy is same as the mechanism used in mechanical clocks. You’ll just require a few materials that you can find around the house. Recycle trash to make this wind up toy that can keep you entertained for hours! Go ahead and check out this marvellous mechanics wind up toy activity video to know how.


Parental Involvement: High

Duration: 20 minutes

Skills Acquired: Fine Motor, Cognitive, Play


  1. Compass
  2. Cardboard
  3. A pair of scissors
  4. Paper cup
  5. Paper clips
  6. Rubber bands
  7. Recycled bottle cap
  8. Straw/stick/pencil
  9. Tape

Instructions for Marvellous Mechanics Wind Up Toy Activity

*Adult intervention is required to complete a few steps! 

  • On a piece of cardboard, draw and cut out two circles of the same diameter.
  • Using a compass, pierce a hole at the centre of the paper cup.
  • Pull a section of the paper clip and insert it through the hole in the cardboard.
  • Knot two rubber bands together to create a longer rubber band.
  • Pull apart another paper clip and create a hook at one end of the paper clip.
  • Insert the rubber band into the smaller paper clip and hook the rubber band on to the hook of paper clip.
  • Insert the paper clip into the cardboard disk, paper cup, and cardboard disk to create a spool.
  • Punch a hole in a bottle cap. Insert the bottle cap into the paper clip.
  • Remove the long paper clip and insert a straw/stick/pencil in its place.
  • Tape the smaller paperclip in place.
  • Place your toy on a flat surface and wind the straw/stick/pencil.
  • Watch your toy roll!

Have fun playing with your wind up toy!

Science behind it

The wind up toy uses the ‘laws of conservation.’ When you wind the straw, it creates energy by twisting the rubber band and stores the energy. When you stop winding the straw, the stored energy is released that causes the toy to move. This is why when you wind the straw for longer time, the toy covers more distance.

Activity done by Vishwajeet