Activity For Children: Weather Wheel

Activity For Children: Weather Wheel

Rain or shine, here’s an exciting activity to help your child learn about seasons and weather. Recycle the paper plates and cardboard boxes to engage your little one in making their own weather chart. Check out the weather wheel activity!

Parental Involvement: Medium

Duration: 20 minutes

Skills Acquired: Concentration, Cognition, Communication


  1. Paper plate
  2. Sketch pen
  3. Crayons
  4. Cardboard
  5. Board pin
  6. A pair of scissors

Instructions For the Weather Wheel Activity

  • On the back side of the paper plate, draw to divide the circular segment into four equal parts.
  • Inside each of the parts, draw one element to describe particular weather (Refer to video).
  • Then, colour the elements with crayons. Write down the names in each segment with a sketch pen.
  • On a piece of cardboard, cut out an arrow. Colour it. Write ‘Weather today is’.
  • Make a hole in the circle with a board pin.
  • Insert the board pin into the cardboard arrow and fix it at the centre of the wheel.

Your weather wheel is all set!

Encourage your child to set the arrow to the correct segment by observing the weather outside. How about a game? Encourage them to predict the weather for each day and compare it with the actual.

Through this activity, your child learns about the different weather conditions, which enhances their cognition. They also learn to pay more attention to the change in weather each day.

Activity done by Vishwajeet.