Sports Mania Activity For Kids: Balloon Badminton

Sports Mania Activity For Kids: Balloon Badminton

Get ready to recycle and reuse paper plates and straws to make a couple of badminton rackets. Then, play the game with a balloon in the living room? Check out our sports mania balloon badminton activity that will boost a child’s hand-eye coordination and motor skills! Besides, it’s a fun way to bond with family and friends.

Parental Involvement: Medium

Duration: 10 minutes

Skills Acquired: Cognitive, Coordination, Confidence


  1. Paper plates
  2. Balloon
  3. Straws
  4. Tape
  5. Sketch pen – Black
  6. Pair of scissors

Instructions for Sports Mania Balloon Badminton Activity

  • Draw lines crisscrossing each other on the paper plates. They resemble a badminton racket, don’t they?
  • Tape three straws together. Create another set of three.
  • Then, stick them firmly on the paper plates.
  • Blow the balloon.

Ready for a game of balloon badminton?

How To Play?

  • Balloon badminton is just a simpler version of badminton that can be played indoors.
  • In this two-player game, the match goes on till the balloon touches the ground. Play as many times as possible!

Activity done by Sai Sharan & Hariharan