Sports Mania Activity for Kids: Bowling Alley

Sports Mania Activity for Kids: Bowling Alley

Bowling is an entertaining sport that engages a child’s concentration, coordination and gross motor skills. With this quick and simple sports mania bowling alley activity, you can set up an alley in your living room! Just reuse coloured papers to create bowling pins.

Parental Involvement: Low

Duration: 15 minutes

Skills Acquired: Gross Motor, Coordination, Confidence


  1. Coloured papers
  2. Stapler
  3. Pair of scissors
  4. Ball

Instructions for Sports Mania Bowling Alley Activity

  • Cut the coloured papers in half.
  • Roll each coloured paper and staple it to make a bowling pin. Create as many bowling pins as you want.
  • Stack the pins.
  • Your bowling alley setup is now ready!

How To Play?

  • Stand a comfortable distance from the stacked bowling pins with the ball.
  • Focus and throw the ball at the bowling pins.
  • Ensure that all of the pins fall down in one go. If not try again.
  • Make it a multiplayer game so that it’s more entertaining.

Activity done by Sai Sharan & Hariharan