Sports Mania Activity for Kids: Pom-Pom Maze

Sports Mania Activity for Kids: Pom-Pom Maze

Aren’t maze puzzles fun to solve? Mazes are said to improve a child’s cognitive and logical reasoning skills. Well, we’ve an interesting sports mania pom-pom maze activity that will improve coordination and concentration, as well. So help your kid recycle and reuse a cardboard box and straws; create a maze from scratch. Here’s a look at it.

Parental Involvement: Medium

Duration: 20 minutes

Skills Acquired: Coordination, Cognitive, Play


  1. Cardboard box
  2. Coloured paper
  3. Straws
  4. Glue
  5. Pom-pom
  6. Pair of scissors

Instructions for Sports Mania Pom-Pom Maze Activity for Kids

  • Glue a coloured paper to the inside of a cardboard box.
  • Cut the straws into different lengths.
  • Stick them in the cardboard box to create a maze (with age-appropriate level of difficulty).
  • Decide the ‘start’ and ‘end.’

Your pom-pom maze setup is ready!

How To Play?

  • Place a pom-pom at the ‘start.’
  • Hold the box in your hand and carefully guide the pom-pom to the ‘end.’
  • Play this maze game as many times as you want.

Increase the level of difficulty by adding more straws. Have fun playing the pom-pom maze game!

Activity done by Sai Sharan & Hariharan