The Inventor Activity For Children: Letter Stamp

The Inventor Activity For Children: Letter Stamp

Making your own letter stamps is easy and all it requires are a few materials. Rubber stamps are used in so many ways! You may use them to seal letters, monogram your favourite things, and so much more. The earliest printing press used a mechanism where keys were pressed to imprint letters on a page. This process made it easier than handwriting each of the pages! So, go ahead and check out the inventor letter stamp activity video to make your own stamps.

Parental Involvement: Medium

Duration: 30 minutes

Skills Acquired: Creativity, Exploration, Play


  1. Cardboard
  2. A pair of scissors/cutter
  3. Glue
  4. Styrofoam
  5. Paint
  6. Paper

Instructions for The Inventor Letter Stamp Activity

  • Cut your cardboard into small squares. Cut as many as you want.
  • Double the cardboard on each square.
  • Using a sketch pen, write the letter you’d like to make.
  • Cut along the sketch pen lines using a pair of scissors or cutter.
  • Cut squares from a sheet of styrofoam.
  • Using glue, stick your cardboard letter stencils on the styrofoam.
  • Dip your stamp in some paint and imprint on paper.

Your letter stamps are ready.

Now that your letter stamps are ready you’ll be able to replicate the exact same letter prints on multiple pages. Imagine you had to create a book with all the letter stamps, you’ll have to make 26 letter stamps! But, for starters, how about you create the letter stamps for all the letters of your name?

Activity done by Vishwajeet