World Traveller Activity For Kids: My Train Piggybank

World Traveller Activity For Kids: My Train Piggybank

Choo, choo! The train is on its way! When was the last time your child and you went on a train trip? How about saving some money and going on a train trip? Use this train piggybank to recycle some old boxes and save some money while you’re at it! So, go ahead and watch the world traveller my train piggybank activity video to see how.

Parental Involvement: Medium

Duration: 40 minutes

Skills Acquired: Creativity, Coordination, Explore


  1. Coloured papers/charts
  2. Recycled boxes – 2 sizes
  3. Recycled toilet rolls
  4. A pair of scissors
  5. Cutter
  6. Coloured tape
  7. Sketch pen
  8. Glue
  9. Straw
  10. Compass

Instructions for World Traveller My Train Piggybank Activity

  • Wrap your boxes with the coloured paper or chart.
  • Wrap your toilet roll with coloured paper or chart. Cover one end of the toilet roll with paper.
  • On the smaller box, cut out a small rectangle.
  • Using coloured tape or strips of coloured papers to define the sides of the smaller box and the toilet roll.
  •  Cut out circles on coloured paper. Stick the circles on either sides of the box. These are your train wheels.
  • Define the wheels using a sketch pen.
  • Create a hole on the toilet roll using a compass and insert a straw.
  • Stick the smaller box on to the bigger box. Stick the toilet roll on to the box.
  • Insert money into the box!

Your world traveller train piggybank is done!

Your child develops their self-confidence and independence as they save some pocket money in their train piggybank. How about saving some money and buying a treat at the end of the month?

Activity by Vishwajeet