FREE Printable Games Worksheet To Play With Your Child

“Let’s play a game,” is a phrase that automatically brings a smile to a child’s face. Games are a fundamental way through which children interact and learn. Children love playing games and these games provide a great opportunity for them to exercise so many skills.

Here are some

  • Not only do games keep kids busy and entertained, but also help with their cognitive development!
  • They are an excellent way to encourage a child’s logical thinking and reasoning skills. Skills such as problem-solving and excellent logical reasoning skills can be introduced to your little one through playing games!
  • Playing fun games is an excellent way to build your child’s communication skills in a fun and supportive environment. 

This is also an innovative way of introducing your children to traditional Indian games that you played during your childhood!

Read on to get access to a FREE printable worksheet with 4 games for your little one!

At-Home Treasure hunt!

Treasure hunt is a unique idea to teach your child teamwork and build their problem-solving skills!

It is also an opportunity to teach your little one to identify objects, shapes and colours. 

Call out random objects, one by one, from the list in the printable and let your little one run around the house to find each object within a minute. If the object is found within time, it can be struck on the list. If your child strikes a row or column in 10 minutes, they win!

Cut and Paste activity

In this activity, your child will put together the pieces of an image to complete the Bunny. This activity will help build their logical reasoning and thinking skills, along with creativity, as they pretend-play with the bunny!


Ludo is a popular traditional game, which is also known as Pachisi. A fun idea to teach children to think strategically! Also, a great way to spend the weekend together!

This game requires 2-4 players. Get the die, 4 tokens for each colour, and you’re set! Each player starts the game by claiming a house, which is divided colour-wise. Each player gets 4 tokens. Each player rolls the die and moves the token accordingly. The first player whose tokens reach the central house wins!

Snakes and Ladders

Snakes and Ladders is a traditional, popular game that is a great way to spend some quality time with your little one! 

Get a die and a token for each player, and play this timeless game today! Navigate your token from ‘Start’ to ‘Finish’, avoid the snakes, and take shortcuts going up the ladders.

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