5 Golden Rules For Good Parenting

5 Golden Rules For Good ParentingAs parents, we all want our children to be good. Parents have a huge responsibility of bringing up their kids in the best possible way. But what is good parenting? Good parenting happens when a parent creates a stable, nurturing home environment, is a positive role model, and plays an active part in a child’s life.

Good parenting is accepting the responsibility for the total development of the child, providing moral support and spiritual guidance, and guiding him/her through open communication and mutual respect. Responsible parents instil good values, set limits, and influence a child’s behaviour in a positive manner. Are you in game to be a good parent?

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Here are 5 golden parenting rules every parent must follow:

1) Spend quality time with kids

The best thing you can give your children is your time. Be there for them. No matter how busy you and your children are, take time out to be together to ‘communicate.’ Create a greater understanding and togetherness. Play games, have fun, plan and do things together. Make sure you instil good habits and integrity while spending time together.
2) Shower unconditional love

Your love and warmth is the basic ingredient for your kids’ well-being and happiness. The more children feel loved by you, the more they will listen to you and learn. Give your child unconditional love before you teach them worldly ways. Give it with your hugs, kisses, and words. Studies reveal a child needs 12 hugs a day! Yes, you read it right.

3) Spare the rod

Avoid physical force, no matter what. Times have changed and studies reveal that spanking or slapping has a negative impact on a child’s development and self-esteem. Sometimes kids get out of control, and understandably, parents tend to lose their temper and raise a hand to discipline kids. It may help parents temporarily to vent their anger, but not only does it leave your child with bitter memories for a lifetime, it teaches them to resort to violence when they get angry. So do whatever you need to do to control yourself, but never resort to physical force. Hitting is never okay, never!

4) Keep promises

Always keep the promises you make to your child. This way you are teaching your little one to be responsible and proficient. Never say things which you can’t do for him/her. If you keep saying things which you never do, your kids will never listen or take you seriously. If you goof up, apologise and do it without fail the next time. Why promise things you can’t do for them?

5) Be a role model

Discipline your child by being a role model and good influence. If you want your child to pick up good manners; value time and money; be polite, responsible, courteous, truthful and calm; follow rules, be reasonable; and never let you down; be good yourself. Children are a reflection of parents and what they see around. If we want to change our reflections, we have to change ourselves. So do your best as kids are watching you and model on you in ways more than one. Start today!

What’s your parenting style? Share tips for good parenting in the comments section below!

Image credit: Subharnab Majumdar


  1. Great content. A wise man once said, kids are great imitators, give them worth imitating!

  2. Great Ready, indeed! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Gayathri G

      Glad you liked it, Abhishek 🙂

  3. Arathy

    We should not give a false ideal to our children by showing that mom and dad never have a fight, they should know that ideal family is where disagreements occur but it doesnt mean the end of the world, every problem has a solution. If the quarrel is a trivial one, and your child is grown up enough to understand , there is nothing wrong with the child mediating and solving the quarrel. It gives the child sense of responsibility and brings us closer to one another

    1. Gayathri G

      Very true, Arathy! Thank you for your comment!

  4. Raj Singh Mathur

    We love our children too much but pampering must be avoided.

  5. Ramchandra Reddy

    Best wishes

  6. Ravi Shankar

    i think that one more important aspect of good parenting is that parents should not quarrel with one another – atleast when the children are watching. Quarrel, if you must but after sending the child to school 🙂

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