16 Amazing Return Gift Ideas For Kids Of All Age Groups

return giftsYou have it all set. The birthday cake, the decorations, the games, the magician and the food. But what about the return gifts?

We know how tough it is to impress your child’s friends and find the right birthday return gift.

Here is a list that we have curated to help you and make your party a massive success!

This list is generic and most gifts can be given to children of all ages.

However, there are some gifts, especially puzzles, that contain small parts. Ensure that such gifts are given only to children 3 years and above.

Awesome Return Gifts For Kids That You Shouldn’t Miss

1. Small plant

Teaches children to care and protect a living thing. Also, sparks an interest in zoology.

The wonder of seeing a plant grow will turn every child into an inquisitive nature-lover. He or she will start questioning things and will learn to nurture and take care of things around.

This also makes them responsible and diligent. Go ahead and pick a bonsai as a return gift for your child’s friends. It is a great and healthy return gift idea.

2. Clay kit

Enhances motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Even as adults, most of us love to make clay toys. Clay is versatile and lets the creative juices in children flow.

When you wish to pick the right return gift, always go for a small clay kit. The multiple balls of clay help kids understand colours, texture, and shape and most importantly enhances their coordination.

3. Puzzles and brain teasers such as Tangram and Rubik’s cube

Improves memory and problem-solving skills.

a. Tangram is a brain-teaser puzzle. It is not a regular birthday return gift. If you wish to get your child’s friends to find a great new hobby, enhance their problem-solving and motor skills, then give them a Tangram.

It contains 7 pieces, either wooden or plastic and a book. You could also use this game at the actual Birthday party and challenge all the kids.

b. With over 43 quintillion combinations, a Rubik’s cube is the perfect birthday return gift.

No child is too young to play with one. Everything about the cube makes it a great puzzle and a fantastic return gift.

The gratification is not immediate and this puzzle teaches children to be patient and plan ahead. It helps kids improve their memory, attention and hand-eye coordination.

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4. Jewellery making kit

Opens up a bundle of creative opportunities and teaches children to be resourceful and precise.

This return gift will help your child’s friends craft their own trend, give life to their creativity and experiment without the fear of failing.

In jewelry-making, every experiment is successful and makes the piece of jewelry unique. They can make bracelets, necklaces, tiaras and anklets. Do not worry about giving this to the boys.

The craft helps improve hand-eye coordination and infuses patience in the child. So this can be a great return gift for every child.

5. Racing cars

Makes children active, competitive and they learn to strategize.

The brands, colours, specifications, and tracks make this birthday return gift unique and exciting. This again is not a toy only for boys. Girls love them too.

It is exciting to collect many cars, set up the track and race with your friends.

They learn to read complex words, set up a complicated track (hence enhancing their coordination) and have a healthy competitive spirit.

6. Dolls

A make-believe land helps children get creative and think out of the box.

The possibilities are endless when you experience the world with a set of dolls. Make-believe is a lovely land that every child enjoys.

This return gift can be a stand-alone gift or can be given as a part of a set. Not strictly for girls. Many boys enjoy playing with dolls too.

Bring out the storyteller in every child with a pretty doll. They learn to be responsible, creative and focused.

7. Board games

Teaches children to share; work in a team; be competitive and patient.

Sequence, Snakes and Ladders, Ludo, Monopoly, Life, Cluedo and much more. There are at least 500 board games out there.

Choose an ideal birthday return gift from this huge collection, based on the age group and your budget.

It is not just a cure for a rainy-indoor day. It is an ideal method to teach children teamwork, problem-solving, planning, coordination, execution, counting, mental math, reading, and fairness.

All this in one simple return gift – a board game!

8. Glow-in-the-dark stars

Not only does it get them fascinated, it also piques kids’ interest in science and astronomy. Also, teach them about the Milky Way and Solar System

A simple and fun return gift. Pick a nice pack of “glow in the dark” stars and planets and help your child’s friends turn their dull and simple rooms into the Milky Way in a jiffy.

You can also find cartoon stickers, nature-related stickers and animal stickers that can be put up on the wall easily. This is a simple and easily affordable return gift for children of all ages.

9. Collage frame

Helps kids be organized and improves their coordination.

We all love to capture and share our precious moments. Encourage your child and his or her friends to create lovely collages too. There are personalized frames available in the market.

They can put together a collage with pictures of their families, pets, friends, achievements and favourite cartoons too.

This collage frame can also be a DIY idea that you could set up as a part of the actual birthday party. This activity will help them count, collect, organize and arrange.

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Food - return gifts10. Lunch boxes

Excites children about the next meal and can have multiple compartments that ensure that the right nutrients are consumed

This is a great way to get children excited about the food that they eat. Often young kids play with their food and end up not consuming enough nutrients.

But to make their school-time meal exciting, you could give them fun lunch boxes and water bottles as a return gift.

These return gifts for birthdays can also be customized these days.

From Chota Bheem to Pokemon, you can find a plethora of affordable meal boxes and bottles in the market today.

11. Kitchen and cutlery set

Brings out the MasterChef in every child. Teaches them to follow instructions, measure ingredients, organize, and communicate better.

Whether a child is actually interested in food and cooking or just loves to play the make-believe kitchen games, a kitchen set is a great return gift for a child.

With spatulas, pans, plates, cutlery and fake vegetables, these sets teach children to share, follow a recipe, discuss with friends, and patiently arrange all the equipment and to experiment. This return gift is sure to excite them and inspire creative play.

12. Kaleidoscope

A fun toy that can teach children about shapes and colours. The patterns make them inquisitive and more interested in the science behind it.

The kaleidoscope is a toy that is designed to be a perfect gift for any child. Give this as a return gift and turn your child’s birthday party into an instant success. With the various colours and shapes, the kaleidoscope pushes a child to think out of the box.

If the children are slightly older, you could also give them a DIY kaleidoscope-kit. There are a lot of opportunities to create it in a unique manner and to have a lot of fun in the process.

13. Globe

Get to know the world better. They understand about places, seas, mountains, climate and much more. The touch and feel method of learning also helps them understand distance and time.

Children are fascinated by bright colours and moving objects. A globe is a great return gift if the children are entering middle school. If you think they are younger, then you could gift them a globe with lights.

There are many globe-games in the market. Lights are put to indicate capitals, seas, oceans and major cities. It can be used to get them excited and inquisitive about the world they live in.

14. Piggy Bank

Teaches to save money and patiently wait to reap the benefits.

What better way to teach a child to be financially independent and prudent? Choose from a wide range of stylish and customizable piggy banks available online.

You could even give them a surprise “How to save money” checklist along with the piggy bank.

A piggy bank is no longer the traditional pink piggy with a coin slot on top. Now you can find a huge collection of animals, colours and even wooden piggy banks.

15. Fish bowl

Tending and caring for a living thing will make them responsible and organized.

A very out of the box idea, this! But, it will help children to be extra responsible. Taking care of a living thing is a skill. They will become more organized and mature as they feed and clean.

Some breeds require greater maintenance, so ensure that you gift them an easy-to-maintain fish as a first step. They can decorate the bowl and buy feed as per the requirement.

16. Flintobox

For the all-round development of kids with a variety of activities to make learning fun.

With a variety of activities to engage children ranging from puzzles to storybooks to experiments and DIY activities, Flintobox is the complete package to gift a child.

With interesting themes for different age groups, Flintobox is one of those return gifts that can outclass every gift your child has ever received.

Flintobox is also known to improve a number of skills in children and can help kids learn while having fun by effectively fulfilling the role of educational toys. For more information on Flintobox, click here >


The above list of return gifts is not arranged in any specific order. You will have to plan the return gifts based on the number of attendees and most importantly, your budget.

Also, have a theme for your party before you buy the return gifts. Here are a few other return gifts for kids that will get your little guests happy and excited – Jenga Blocks, Sunglasses, fidget spinners, cartoon caps and hats or an aeromodelling beginner kit.

Leave a comment below this post and let us know if you have any fun and unique return-gift ideas.

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      Please click on this link to learn what is inside the box and the price for your child’s age group: https://flintobox.com/themes-for-4-to-6-year-kids. For any queries/help, call us anytime between 9:30 am and 6:30 pm at 044 – 40100400 or message us your contact number and we will get in touch with you! 🙂

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