Easy Riddles For Kids: 23 Super Fun Brain Teasers You Shouldn’t Miss

Easy Riddles For KidsDon’t you think solving easy riddles is fun irrespective of your age?

We think it is!

Solving easy riddles, jokes, brain teasers, puzzles, and board games can bring families together like no other activity can – not even holidays!

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Wouldn’t it be nice to spend some quality family time with a bunch of riddles? Well, then this read is just for you.

Here’s how you can make your own easy riddles and jokes

Making your own family jokes is a lot of fun. You can code name a few things with the help of your child and create jokes around those names.

If naming and coding doesn’t excite you, you can take cues from the following easy riddles that will puzzle your child’s mind, yet you’ll all enjoy. So, here are a few trick questions with answers, of course!

23 funny and easy riddles for kids and adults alike

Let’s start with a not so easy riddle.

Clever Riddles For Kids

Riddle 1

What’s green, but not a leaf; copies others, but is not a monkey?

Think, think! The answer to the riddle is simple, but it definitely has a twist.

Here’s a hint: We’re talking about a living being.

Still haven’t got it?

Riddle 2

What sleeps through the day and cries through the night. The more it cries, the more it creates light?

Not quite sure about what creates light? The Sun, yes; but this involves fire!

Want a hint?

Got the answer?

I’m sure you are almost there.

Yes, you got that right!

Answer: A candle

Riddle 3

We are brothers from the same mother, but we’ve never met.

Wasn’t this supposed to be a list of easy riddles – then why this tough one?

This one is just to tickle your brain a little harder.

Answer: Day and night

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Riddle 4

I’m as hard as a rock, but I melt immediately in hot water. What am I?

A rock that melts in hot water? What kind of a rock is it?

What? Made of water? Hmmm… is it the solid form of water?
Yes it is!

Answer: An ice cube

Riddle 5

I use my ear to speak and my mouth to hear. What am I?

Are these easy riddles or puzzling riddles?

How can something speak with ears and hear with the mouth?

It’s something mom and dad use every day!

Answer: A phone

Short Riddles For Kids

Riddle 6

What’s worth more after it’s broken?

Wait! What? How can a broken thing be worth more than when it’s not broken?

Confused, eh? Think hard.

Yes, you got that right!

Answer: An egg

Riddle 7

It’s a shower, but without water.

You might need mom or grandma to help you solve this one.

Yes, her answer is correct. It’s a shower of blessings.

Answer: A baby shower

Riddle 8

What grows only upwards and can never come down?

This one is another one of the easy riddles. Haven’t got it?

Yes, you got that right!

Answer: Our height

Riddle 9

What has teeth, but cannot chew?

These riddles are getting weirder by the minute, no?

How can teeth not chew? I mean the main idea to have teeth is for them to be able to chew, right?

You probably signed in only for easy riddles here! Anyway, let’s think.

Answer: A comb

Riddle 10

I have hands, but cannot hold a thing.

These riddles are really racking our brains no? How can something have hands, but not hold anything?

Answer: A clock! Clocks have hands, but they cannot hold!

Riddle 11

I can carry lots of food, but cannot eat anything.

This one actually one of the promised easy riddles.

Just think of all the things that hold or carry food – the kitchen shelf, the snack cabinet, and the fridge.

Answer: A refrigerator

What Am I? Riddles For Kids

Riddle 12

It can see, but it isn’t an eye. What is it?

How is this possible? Only eyes can see right?

It’s a brain teaser or brain twister rather that just seems impossible to solve.

Hmmm… still thinking?

And the answer is…

Answer: A keyhole

Riddle 13

What is it that you can’t hold for more than a few seconds?

It’s one of the easy riddles in this list.

Can you hold it for more than a few seconds? Well, that’s your answer!

Answer: Your breath

Riddle 14

You can eat me at night, but never in the morning. What am I?

To name a few, I can be vegetables, lentils, junk food, salads, chocolate, hmmm…maybe ice cream?

No, that’s not the correct answer.

Yes, you got that right!

Answer: Dinner! Dinner can never be had in the morning because it’s dinner!

Riddle 15

I like food, but water kills me. What am I?

Water kills? Never heard of anything that water kills, no?

Yes, your guess is right.

Answer: Fire

Riddle 16

I am hard like stone, but I grow on your body. What am I?

What hard things grow on us? Is it hair? But hair is not hard.

Nails? But nails are not hard like stone, we can cut them. Then what else?

Yes, there they are.

Answer: A tooth

Riddle 17

You cannot come in or go out without me. What am I?

No, we’re not talking about mummy’s permission here.

Yes, you cannot come in or go out without it but the answer here is a bit more technical.

Answer: A door

Riddle 18

I’m excellent to taste, but horrible to smell. What am I?

What’s excellent to taste? Well, many things.

In fact, everything tastes excellent or not excellent to different people. So then what’s the one thing that’s excellent to taste universally?

Or maybe it’s excellent to help us taste?

Answer: A tongue

Logic Riddles For Kids

Riddle 19

I have lots of money, but I need someone else to carry me around to spend it.

Wow! A rich riddle!

Haven’t got it?
Okay, then go straight to the answer.

Answer: A wallet/purse. It holds all our money, but does it spend it?

Riddle 20

I am a number. When you add the letter G to me, I go away. What number am I?

How can a number have a letter added to it?

Does it mean number spellings? Maybe yes!

Yes! That’s the answer.

Answer: One (add G and it becomes ‘gone’)

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Riddle 21

I am made of water, but I’m not wet. What am I?

How can water not be wet?

Let’s analyse: water is wet, ice is wet, and juices are wet. Anything made of water will be wet, no?

Got it?

Answer: A cloud

Riddle 22

I am black in colour, yet I’m colourless. What am I?

If something is black, how can it be colourless?

A real tough brain teaser, isn’t it?


Answer: A shadow

Riddle 23

I’m a single digit number having no value. Which number am I?

Let’s count. Start from number one…!

But all numbers, from number 1 onwards have a value? Which number can it be?

Answer: Number 0 (zero)

Before we go

Did you enjoy these puzzling, teasing, yet easy riddles? Brain teasers are a lot of fun especially when children start to understand how the world around them works. Kids between ages 6 to 12 years enjoy and love to create various kinds of riddles and jokes. It’s then that a repertoire of funny and easy riddles comes to our rescue.

Hope you and your family have a great time trying to solve these brain teasers. Until next time, happy solving!

Share a few funny and easy riddles that you know of with us. Comment now!



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