8 Matchbox Craft Activities Every Child Will Enjoy

What can you create out used matchboxes? Well, here are a few matchbox craft ideas to get your child and you to try. With a letterbox and cassette player, you can walk down the memory lane. Well, that’s just to begin with. Go on, stack up your used matchboxes and read this piece!

8 matchbox craft activities to boost your child’s creativity

Retro Cassette Player

Remember the good old cassette player? Has your child seen once? If yes or no, this nostalgic matchbox craft activity is for your little one and you to bond. Sit down and create a used matchbox décor!

Bunker Bed

Here’s how you can transform a couple of used matchboxes into a mini bunker bed. This enchanting matchbox craft idea is sure to make your child jump with joy. Go ahead, pick out some paint and get started!

Mini Suitcase

Vacation might be over and your child is off to school. Well, that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t make a mini suitcase. With this enchanting matchbox craft activity, snip, stick, and paint a mini suitcase!

You’ve Got Mail

Let’s make a letterbox for your child. It will be a wonderful table decor in which your can leave reminder notes and all. Recycle and transform the matchbox with this wonderfully simple matchbox craft idea!

Matchbox Craft – Robot

Robot made out of matchboxes? Yes, you can create one. Check out this matchbox craft activity, build a robot out of used matchboxes and matchsticks. Let your little one help you in creating one. Use it as a storytelling prop!

Matchbox Wall Decor

Your child and you can make a wall decor out of empty matchboxes by taking inspiration from this matchbox craft activity on arusuvai. All you need are a bunch of matchboxes and coloured papers to make a simple one!

Matchbox Craft - Wall Decor

Matchbox Holder

Does your child’s crayon, colour pencil, or sketch pen collections drive you nuts? Well, they are just in every nook and corner. Well, here’s a quick fix that your little one will absolutely love. Recycle matchboxes and make a matchbox art holder. Here’s the easy matchbox craft idea:

Harry Potter Mini Books

Get set to make a miniature collection of Harry Potter books! Your child and you can reuse the matchboxes to create all the seven books. Download the template for this engaging matchbox craft and have a fun magical bonding time!


Simple, weren’t they? Apart from learning about recycling, your child engages his/her creativity, motor and coordination skills. In the ‘Comments’ section below, tell us about the activities that were super duper hit with your little one.


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    Very valuable and very busy activities for the kids…

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    Hello Sir/Madam,…. Greetings……I am happy watching all the videos.It will be really very interesting and enjoyable,.for the pre-primary students… Thankyou

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