10 Animal Craft Activities That Will Amaze Your Child

The animal kingdom doesn’t cease to amaze a child of any age! Well soft toys apart, how about engaging your little one in stunning animal craft activities? He/she is sure to surprise you with some stunning creations. So, let’s embark on a safari through the world of animals.

10 animal craft activities to boost your child’s creativity

Spiral Snake

Say hello to a twisty, friendly, and non-poisonous spiral! With some coloured paper, snip and create a spiral snake. This simple animal craft activity will improve your child’s coordination skill. Ready to make a friendly snake?

Animal Craft Activities - Spiral Snake

4-Step Geometric Giraffes

Here’s how your child and you could make the world’s tallest animal in 4 easy steps! With this fun animal craft activity, help him/her create giraffes of different sizes. Also, it’s a fun way to learn about shapes!

Geometric Giraffes

Paper Cup Bunny

Look out! A bunny is going to jump out of the paper cup. Well, it’s a simple trick. We have an exciting animal craft idea that uses a recycled paper cup, colours, and you’ll have a cutesy paper cup bunny.

Bunny In A Cup

Bunny Puppet

Well, how would be to make a creative finger bunny puppet? This bunny puppet can be used to boost your child’s pretend-play and imagination. So, here’s the animal craft activity for your little one and you to create one.

Bunny Puppet

Abstract Alligator

How can you make alligators out of clothespins? Here’s how. With this interesting animal craft activity, your child will have oodles of fun creating friendly little alligator. Go ahead, recycle some of those old clothespins and transform them into alligators!

Abstract Alligator

Ba-ba Cotton Sheep

With a toilet roll and some cotton, your child can create a sheep! With this animal craft activity, help him/her make a cotton sheep. Apart from recycling, your little one can also pretend play. So all set to bleat away?

Sheep On A Roll

Paper Mouse

Snip, snip! Here’s an interesting animal craft activity to create a tiny little mouse on The Art Room. It’s a simple paper quilling technique that your child is sure to enjoy learning. So get some thick paper ready, snip, and glue away!

Animal Crafts - Paper Mouse

Elephant Handprint

Pick out the poster paints or watercolours and get set to create an elephant! Paint your little one’s hand and make an imprint on a piece of chart with this messy animal craft idea. Once done, use it as a wall décor.

Elephant Handprint

4 Fold Gummy Bear

Origami helps your child improve his/her creativity and motor skills! How about your child give it a try with this very simple animal craft activity to create a cute gummy bear. In 4 steps, he/she is sure to create a study table décor!

4 Fold Bear

King Of The Jungle

Here’s how you can create a mighty-looking lion with 3 paper hearts of different sizes? Your child is sure to love snipping some coloured papers with this not-so-fearsome animal craft activity. Create as many lions as possible and pretend play as the king of the jungle!

King Of The Jungle


Roar, bleat, grrr…what all animals sounds can you hear? Animal craft activities make for an excellent pretend play bonding time with your child! It’s like having a tent full of animals! Do tell us which all activities your child loved doing in the ‘Comments’ section.


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    fabulous job… useful art-craft activities… thank you!

    1. Rakesh

      Thank you Nethra.

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