Flintobox Success Story – Mrs. Bhuvana

The Story – Channelising her child’s high energy, Mrs. Bhuvana helped her son improve his concentration on tasks through activities that kept him “engaged him for hours.

Mrs. Bhuvana, mother of 3 year old Nithin from Secunderabad, was finding it hard to make him sit in one place and concentrate.

Concentration issues are common among children of this age as they are usually enthusiastic, charged with energy and always on the look-out for new challenges.

The pattern seemed to continue and this got Mrs. Bhuvana all worried up.

The Challenge – “My child was very much active. It was really difficult to make him sit in one place.

He had lately become increasingly active and it was more than just difficult to sit him in one place, let alone concentrate on a task.

As Mrs. Bhuvana says, “He had so much energy, but it was scattered.

This is when she decided to buy a Flintobox!

The Turning Point – “Flintobox helped put all the energy into something useful.

With a set of carefully crafted age specific boxes, month on month themes and engaging activities, Flintobox proved more than just useful for Mrs. Bhuvana.

As she puts it, “The activities engaged him for hours.

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The Result – “It helped him group things and he was concentrating on doing things.

Flintobox provided the right activities, through which Mrs. Bhuvana was able to not only improve Nithin’s concentration, but also get him to do things on his own.

She says, “He is being able to learn a lot of things on his own, even without my involvement.

The activities are specifically designed to aid different developmental aspects of a child.

In the case of Nithin, ‘Go Fishing’ – an activity in the Colour Carnival box in which plastic fish have to be sorted by their size and colour, grabbed all his interest.

Mrs. Bhuvana explains “He loves playing the fish catching activity, naming the colours to differentiate them easily.

Need Help Getting Started?

A lot of parents are concerned about the fact that their child does not sit in one place and concentrate on any given activity for long…

Another concern is… whenever instructed to do something, their child does the exact opposite!

Can you relate to this?

Well, this is absolutely normal behaviour in children.

And there is nothing to worry about.

Parents find it difficult to understand that a child’s brain is wired differently to that of an adult’s.

Children are naturally curious and have very high energy.

And because of this, most children are so interested in their surroundings and in exploring the world around them, that sitting in one place for an extended period just doesn’t interest them.

And another important thing parents must understand is, children are not born with powerful concentration skills — and every child’s ability to concentrate develops at his/her own pace.

But there is one SECRET!

And that secret is… if you would like to retain your child’s attention in an activity, then you need to make it FUN and ensure that it remains entertaining throughout.

And by keeping it interesting, your child’s attention is caught and he/she is naturally trained to concentrate better.

Flintobox is an effort in that direction.

Flintobox introduces new concepts to children every month in the form of activities, to channelise their energy and feed their curiosity.

The activities are designed in such a way that they are fun, interesting and entertaining.

And this naturally trains children to concentrate better.

If you would like to provide a fun environment for your child to learn and concentrate, give Flintobox a try!

Flintobox is currently available for children between 2 – 12 years of age.

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  1. Rakesh Kanal

    Hi, my child is about to 2 and he is energetic, and didn’t sit at one place. Need your package details and how it will help my child.
    Rakesh Kanal

    1. Rakesh

      Hi Rakesh,
      Thank you for your interest in Flintobox. Flintobox provides age-specific subscription boxes to make learning fun and engaging for chidlren between 2-12 years.
      Inside each box, you’ll receive 5 creative, challenging and educational activities that help channelise your child’s energy and increase focus.
      The theme for the current month for toddlers is House Explorer. You can take a look at the box contents and the upcoming themes here: https://flintobox.com/subscription-activity-box-for-toddlers

    2. Maitry

      Hi my child is hyper active and he is 8 years old.

    3. Ashwin

      Hi Maitry,

      You can check out this blog article to channelize the hyperactive nature of your child –

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