11 Impressive Paper Plate Craft Activities That Every Child Will Enjoy

What can you do when you end up a stack of paper plates after family event? Create interesting and colourful décors along with your child! Teach him/her a bit or two about recycling, expressing creativity, getting messy with colours, etc. It’s time to bond with your little one over paper plate craft activities. So, let’s get started, shall we?

10 Creative Paper Plate Craft Activities For Your Child!

Earthworm Garden

Help your child learn a thing or two about earthworms, the tiny worms that play an important role in the growth of plants. With this paper plate craft activity, you and your little one can create a beautiful earthworm garden. Here’s the earthworm garden we made for World Environment Day.

Superhero Earth Mask

We made a superhero mask for World Environment Day. Well, you can give a twist to it and let you child feel like a superhero. With this paper plate craft activity, you’ll recycle paper plate and transform it into a superhero mask. Let your little one put on the mask and choose his/her superpower.

Onam Tiger Mask

Kids always love to get involved in pretend play activities with face masks. As part of our celebrations of the Onam festival, we’ve decided to bring your child a traditional tiger face mask that can be easily made with a paper plate. Time to kick start the Onam Celebrations with a roaring tiger mask.

Gift Basket

How can a paper plate be made into a gift basket? Here’s the paper plate craft activity for Mother’s Day from where you can learn how easy it’s to make a gift basket. Well, spread some newspapers, give your little one paints of different colours and make as many gift baskets as you want!

Fruit Market

Here’s how you and your child can make an array of fruits with paper plates. You can make a fruit market set up with this multicoloured paper plate craft décor. We made a slice of watermelon and orange. Keep paint brush and colours ready!

Paper Plate Butterflies

Calling all butterfly fans! Here’s an exciting activity by Best Out Of Waste Org. Catch the butterfly mania by creating a bunch of vibrant butterflies! Decorate your room with this paper plate craft activity. You can also teach your child about the butterfly’s life cycle! This artistic activity is sure to trigger your child’s creative thinking skills!

Paper Plate Butterflies

Paper Plate Cow

Does your child love to moo as the cow does? Well, help him/her create a paper plate cow that can be used as a prop. It can be a wall or table décor too! Just moo away with this paper plate craft activity using some coloured papers and paint! Here’s how:

Hello Kitty Paper Plate

Let’s get your child to create a Hello Kitty décor with a paper plate and some coloured papers. Well, your little one is sure to love it! Here’s the Hello Kitty paper plate craft activity to get you started. You can choose your little one’s other favourite characters and make a collection!

Paper Plate Aquarium

Your child can delve into the deep blue sea and make an aquarium at home! Well, a static colourful one with a couple of paper plates, colours, and pebbles with this engaging paper plate craft idea. Your little one will have a lot of fun creating a quick and easy aquarium!

Paper Plate Panda Mask

Attention Panda lovers! Scribble has an exciting activity in store! If you’re planning to throw a Panda-themed party or disguise yourself as a Panda bear, then this one’s for you! Create your very own Panda mask with readily available materials. It’s easy, and guarantees a whole lot of fun!

Paper Plate Nemo Fish

Yes, you read it right. You can make a cutesy clown fish that looks like the good old Nemo. Your supplies include paper plates and colour paints! Help your little one create the paper plate Nemo fish wall decor! Hang it on the wall and watch him/her glow in pride.


Creating different, colourful wall and table décors with paper plates! Your child engages his/her fine motor skills, creativity, and imagination! Which of the paper plate craft activities did your little one like? Comment below.

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