10 Supremely Hilarious Questions Kids Ask Parents

Kids are hilarious“Why don’t you just get a new toy?”

Five-year-old Piyush questions his aunt, amidst a full-blown, soap-opera kind of wedding chaos.

They were in the middle of the conversation as to why she was getting married. She told him that she’s lonely.

Now she’s stumped!

Children ask all kinds of hilarious questions. In the last week itself, I’ve been bombarded with my four-year-old’s questions like:  “If I don’t have a birthday party, how will you know I’m growing up;” “I’m hungry, can I get some food like cake;” “Where exactly is my eyes?”

The best was during school pick-up yesterday. I was asked, “Where’s your school mamma? How come you never take me there?”

I’m sure he’s preparing to throw another googly at me just as I write this blog!

Have you been struggling to keep up with your child’s incessant questions? Inconceivable questions, children ask, can leave grown-ups speechless.

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Here are 10 such instances where parents have been left stunned:

1) “Where’s my tail?”

Children have the wildest of imaginations. On learning about monkeys and wild animals in school, two-year-old Kabir innocently asked his mother, “Where is my tail?”

To match his innocence, Meera responded: “You’re too young. It’s still growing.” Although it satisfied him, Meera now wonders if he will ask about growing teeth like dinosaurs next!

2) “What’s that smell?”

If you have a three-year-old ‘Einstein’ sitting in your room, the luxury of farting without being embarrassed is out of question.

Daksh has an uncanny ability to smell the ‘bad stuff’ in the house.

Mamma Dhristi is so proud of his intelligent inquisitions—who wouldn’t be if a three-year-old wants to know about how the cooking gas cylinder gets filled; what are stars made of and how does water turn into vapour.

Dad Sumeet, however, has his reservations about such ‘enlightening’ questions. He says he would like to at least burp and fart without public announcements!

3) “Mamma, where do you keep my manners?”

Asks Adele, when she is being softly admonished by her mother in front of her aunt. She is just four, but seems tired of being asked, “Where are your manners Adele?” every time she wants to jump around.

High time her mamma clarifies where manners can be found!

4) “Why do I’ve to eat three times a day?”

If you want to blurt “so that your stomach is full” as an answer, you better hold on! When six-year-old Ansh asked this question, his mother Shikha replied, “Because I want you to be healthy.”

He simply replied, “I think you should give me all the food at once. Then you won’t have to be in the kitchen the whole day.”

Shikha was still trying to assimilate what she just heard, when Ansh added, “I don’t understand why papa couldn’t think of this. He seems to be smarter than me!”

5) “Why do you have a beard under your arms, daddy?”

“Time to go with mamma to the parlour daddy!” four-year-old Lillian said one day. She has a repertoire of amusing questions for her beloved father: “Why do you shave daddy,” “Where do you go in the morning daddy,” “Why don’t you wear a frock daddy,” “Why don’t you have long hair like mamma, daddy?” and many more.

Her latest question on his underarm-beard has left her daddy gobsmacked!

6) Did you swallow the baby?

Pregnant with your second child? Get prepared to explain how the baby ended up in your tummy.

Rahul and Meenakshi are quite elated at the thought of gifting three-year-old Tanya a precious baby sibling so much so that almost every conversation ends with her inquisitions about the ‘baby.’ Over dinner one night, she blurted out this question making Meenakshi almost drop her plate.

It was so hilarious that they had to force themselves to stop laughing when Tanya started crying. She was shocked that her parents were amused at such a serious question. “If mummy didn’t swallow the baby, then how did the baby get inside the tummy?”

Go figure!

High-Energy Child

7) Are you God?

Lily told her son that God is ‘big’ and ‘wonderful.’ Her three-year-old walked up to a very tall and good looking man at the mall and asked, “Excuse me, are you God?”

8) “Chew papa’s chest!”

With an urgent need for his mom, Yohan told this to his three-month-old brother and then asked,”Why can’t he chew papa’s chest, I’m sure that tastes the same!”

That’s a new one, isn’t it?

9) “Daddy, why is your tummy so big?”

“I’m sure dad has no answer,” giggled Amaya when her younger brother asked their father this.

“It’s like a toy, kind of a rubber-ball or maybe like play-dough for them,” says an amused Saurabh about his always-in-the-limelight and perpetually growing tummy.

Time for a workout, is it?

10) “Do you hear your poop?”

Yes you read that right!

“Do you hear your poop like I hear mine?” three-year-old Vivian asked his dad during regular bathroom conversation.

I decided not to know his father’s reply to this one.

As I wondered about a befitting conclusion to the article, my son says, “Why do I need two eyes to see only one thing?”

Some question, I suppose!

Have a list of funny questions your child asked you? Share a few with us in the ‘Comment’ section below.

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