7 Tips To Stop Your Kid From Skipping School

keep your kids from skipping schoolSchool is so preachy and unexciting. Yeah? It’s time to change this notion.

School is the second home for your child, a place where he/she acquires learning and life skills that last a lifetime. So parents, remember, school shouldn’t be synonymous with punishment, fear, hard slog, or boredom.

School is where kids acquire knowledge and discipline, and as a parent, one must discover ways to instil a positive attitude towards learning in them. Let your kid be aware that schooling is an integral part of growing up and there’s no escaping for years to come! Kids can’t stop growing up, can they?

Is school the evil S-word for your child? Time to spring up in action and follow these 7 simple tips to motivate kids not to skip school:

1)  Stop the negativity surrounding school

School shouldn’t be a place where kids are sent if they are unmanageable at home. It’s definitely not the place where kids are taught, treated, and traumatised mercilessly.

Introduce the concept of school to your child in a positive manner. If you’re too late to do that, just start talking about school in an exciting, encouraging, and positive manner.

Tell him/her how you made great friends in school, were always appreciated for timely/neat work, enjoyed extra-curricular activities, and how much you longed to be at school on weekends. Start today!

2) Find the reason for his/her dislike

If your kid hates school, find out why. Is it you who has fuelled these thoughts, is he/she a victim of bullying, loneliness, inattentiveness, favouritism, etc, or is he/she too tired to get up in the morning to go to school? Help your child to deal with these issues, see if there’s a need to talk to teachers and school authorities.

Instead of yelling at him/her to just go to school, lend an ear to his/her concerns, and offer to help. Encourage your little one to come to you with conflicts and issues he/she is facing at school. Draft an appropriate course of action to deal with the issue. You may take expert advice or counselling.

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3) Help your child enjoy school

Nowadays, most schools offer extra-curricular classes, special training, or activities for kids of all age. Encourage your kid to pursue his/her interest outside of the classroom. It’ll give him/her something to look forward to when the school gets over.

Encourage your child to make friends and be social outside the school. “My son doesn’t want to miss school on Monday-Tuesday because not only he gets to go to school after spending the weekend at home but he’s also excited about the after-school swimming classes,” says Pooja S, a mother of two.

4) Motivate learning and homework

Learning is fun and homework is a must. Tell your kid how important it’s to keep learning new things every day. So while he/she sits and does algebra, you can pick up a book to read or finish your household chores (your ‘homework‘).

If your kid goes to tuition, you may also consider joining an adult education class, foreign language class, or make notes for your next day at work! This way you are actually instilling a liking for studies, homework, being organised and disciplined.

It’s much better than kids telling you–’Oh but you are watching TV all day!’ or ‘You’re so lucky to not have studies every day!’

5) Respect school and teacher

What you think about the school and teachers is what your child is inspired to believe. So if you think school is a waste, teachers are rude and useless, and getting your child to go to school is such an inconvenience, don’t blame him/her for feeling the same.

Speak respectfully about the teachers if you want your kids to respect and obey them. Take the school circulars seriously, follow submission deadlines, and keep up the good work. Avoid being casual and careless when it comes to school work.

6) Be a mentor

Studies are tough and there’s too much pressure on kids. Do help them out. Stick to a routine to discipline your kid. “Follow a regime or timetable that helps kids manage their time well and relax so that they don’t feel lazy to go to school.

Reward them with their favourite snack in lunch box or when they are back from school. Make them interested in school activities, competitions, sports, etc. and don’t forget to give a pat on their back when they’re back from school with a sense of accomplishment,” says Parul Sheth, a former lecturer of child psychology and now a nursery teacher.

Keep the positivity up during homework hour and keep the communication channel open to discuss school, studies, activities, etc. Reinforce learning and let your kid apply his/her learning or knowledge in day-to-day things. Let your child do his/her school experiments in your kitchen, visit the museum together, and gift more books.

7) Pack him/her for school with a smile!

Start the day on a positive note. Get up 10 minutes earlier to avoid being cranky and tough. If you’re cranky in the morning, that attitude may transfer to your kid easily! If he/she repeatedly insists to take a day off. Be firm and reason out with him/her.

There’s no escaping from situations such as this. Tell your child that taking a day off doesn’t help in anyway because in the end he/she will have to be at school the next day.

Teach your little one to face the challenge and take responsibility for his/her actions–incomplete work, homework not done, or not preparing for a test. Make him/her sleep and eat well. The best and the simplest thing you can do is see him/her off with a hug and a reassuring smile!

Can a positive attitude towards school make your child like school? Share tips to get kids to love school.

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