5 Major Causes Of Concentration Problems In Children – And What To Do About It

concentration problemsSitting a child down is never an easy task. Even new toys for grabbing their attention usually end up being sidelined in just 10 minutes, after which your child moves on to another thing.

The matter only gets worse when you have to sit them for a task demanding concentration – like homework for example. You would have tried myriads of things but still, your kid would’ve had concentration problems.

But are these concentration problems restricted your child and is there really no way to solve them?

No, it’s not something that only your child has.

Children in general are super active, curious and always running around. This makes it hard for them to sit down and concentrate on a single task.

So, you need to take a different approach to fix these concentration problems, most important of which we shall share with you. But before we get to that, it is important to understand all the factors that affect a child’s concentration.

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5 major causes of concentration problems

1) Common distractions

Is your child bored?A child’s curious mind is always looking for distractions — like a TV, a gadget or even a small toy lying in the corner of the room.

Especially when they are engaged with work demanding concentration – like homework.

So it is important to make sure that before you sit your child down for a task, the place is made free of all distractions, and that includes your mobile phone.

2) Difficult tasks

The difficulty of a task depends on a child’s age, which is why certain tasks may even be inappropriate for them.

Whenever a task seems hard, there is a high possibility that they will avoid it — even before making an attempt at solving it.

The easy way to deal with such a problem is to break this hard task into smaller, easier tasks. This way your kid will be able to complete it with much more ease.

3) Lack of attention

Children crave attention, especially from their parents. So once in awhile, they may not concentrate on tasks just to get your attention.

So make sure you bond with your child whenever you can. It doesn’t matter if you have just 10 minutes to spend with them. What matters is quality time.

4) Wrong diet

Picky eaters

Food like oatmeal, whole-grain bread, cereal with milk, etc and food rich in complex carbohydrates help relax the body, causing your child to fall asleep.

On the other hand, caffeine-rich beverages like coffee and soft drinks energises the body causing your kid to stay awake.

In short, the wrong diet gives rise to concentration problems. So it is important to know what to feed, when to feed, and how much to feed.

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5) Lack of sleep

Sleeping is an important part of every child’s routine. A good night’s sleep can do wonders even in adults and so has its own importance in children.

A child needs anywhere between 8-12 hours of sleep a day, depending upon their age. Lack of sleep affects their concentration.

Maintaining a routine sleep time is also very important. So, make sure your child gets enough sleep every day and that too at the correct time.


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