Easter Special DIYs – For An Unforgettable Easter Experience!

Easter is here! And along with it – the joy of a long weekend.

How better to celebrate the holidays than by spending time with your family and children. But how about engaging your little ones with a couple of craft activities that would also give you a chance to teach about the prominence of this holy day.

Are you up for it? Well, enjoy the feast and grab ahold of the tool-kit!

Here are a couple of Easter special DIYs

Paper Craft Easter Bunny Puppet Activity

Let’s ring in the spirit of Easter by creating the animal that we associate the occasion with — Bunnies! Try this creative paper craft Easter bunny with your kids!

Superhero Ninja Eggs

What do you do with extra eggs at home? We have some crazy ideas in store! How about turning an egg into a tiny superhero ninja? Sounds egg-stremely awesome, right? Try this superhero ninja egg painting activity!

Easter Egg Painting Activity

Happy Easter! Easter eggs are packed with goodies and decorated artistically! Replicate it at home with eggs! Engage in this fun and exciting Easter egg painting activity and get creative!

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, try them out with your child and enjoy the weekend!

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