7 Remarkable Paper Folding Activities Your Kids Must Try

Along with the snipping and sticking to create interesting paper crafts, you can add the folding technique too. You can make a Japanese fan, or beautiful night sky filled with stars. So, here are our of paper folding activities with which your child’s fine motor, cognitive, creative and imaginative skills get a boost. You may recycle and reuse coloured paper and charts!

7 paper folding activities to fine-tune your child’s fine motor skills

Toy Camera

Teach your child how to make a toy camera without any snipping with this nostalgic paper folding activity. Reminiscence about your childhood as you help your little one create one. So coloured papers at the ready and go klachak!


Japanese Fan

Ready to create your version of colourful Japanese fan? Your child and you can create as many as possible by reusing some coloured papers. Here’s the quick and easy paper folding activity. Oh, keep some ice cream sticks ready!


Folding Umbrella

Remember those funky umbrellas that adorn a beach or swimming pool set up? Well, your child can create one by pleating coloured papers and gluing them to toothpicks. Check out this simple paper folding idea.


Stars And Moon

How about a night sky decor filled with stars and moon for your child’s room? With a small cardboard box, coloured papers, and some paper folding the decor is done. Your child can fold as many stars as he/she wants for the night sky. Now then, check out stunning paper folding craft.



Pinwheel is one of the interesting toys for a child, don’t you agree? You can get him/her to create one and then, go on a run to see how a pinwheel works. Here’s our paper folding activity for your inspiration. You can make them of different sizes too!


Origami Four Cups

Ready to head back to your childhood?
This easy and fun paper folding craft on idiva is the one for your. Get a few coloured papers and get your child to fold them to create four cups. It’s a fun way to teach geometrical shapes!Paper Folding Crafts

4 Fold Gummy Bear

Did you know a paper can be turned into a bear, a rather endearing one as that. In this paper folding activity, we avoided the use of glue. So stock up coloured papers and fold away to create a bear. All it takes is four steps!



Folding paper requires a lot of patience and it’s also about coordination and fine motor skills. Did your child have fun? Tell us which all were his/her favourites.


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