4 Super Exciting Children’s Day Activities That Your Kids Simply Can’t Miss

Children are the leaders of the world. They are everything to our world and waaaaay more than everything, to us! So isn’t it fitting that we dedicate a day just for them?

And so we do, on the 14th of November every year — which is nothing but the birth anniversary of our beloved First Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru (fondly known as “Chacha Nehru”)

So why not make our Children’s Day extra special with a set of super-fun activities that denote childhood? From rattle toys to greeting cards, we’ve covered them all!

And the best part is, they’ve been created with readily available materials…
So here you go!

4 super exciting children’s day activities for your child, to make this day super-duper special…

Rattle Toy

Rattle toys are always fun to play with — for both adults and kids alike! But did you know they are extremely simple to create? All you need is some cardboard and beads! So if you know of any children staying nearby, make these fun toys for them! They are sure to cherish it forever. Ready to create this children’s day special rattle toy?


Special Postage Stamp

Children’s Day is just around the corner and we’ve got an activity that will take you for a trip down memory lane. Remember the good ol’ letter writing days when we’d walk to the local store to buy postage stamps? Well, we’ve come up with our own version of a postage stamp that depicts childhood for us. Are you ready to begin Children’s Day special postage stamp?


Special Spray Garden

This Children’s Day, teach your child to make flower bouquets that he/she can make for friends and classmates. In this children’s day special spray garden, we’ve indulged with some creative spray painting. So do make sure your child uses a messy mat! We’re sure your child will enjoy playing around with the paintbrush!


Special Greeting Card

This Children’s Day, teach your child to create a greeting card that they can gift to his/her friends and classmates in school. In this children’s day special greeting card activity, we’re celebrating childhood with balloons, smiles and friendship! Your child can imagine and create anything he/she wishes to. Shall we begin?



So what did you think about these?

Well, it’s your kids who should be judging them and we are pretty sure they’ll fall in love with these activities!

Try them today and make Children’s Day extra special.

Let us know how you introduce various children’s day activities within the comfort of your home, to your child! Leave a comment below!

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