7 Creative Back To School Activities For The New School Year

It is completely okay for children to feel reluctant to go back to school after the summer vacation, due to a sudden change in their regular routine. But we have to convince them to be interested in attending school.

With an interesting series of exciting back-to-school activities and crafts, their school gear could undergo an interesting makeover and thereby encourage them to eagerly go to school.

Well then, we have a bagful of engaging activities—from creating folders for storing papers to making pen stands for stacking stationeries, to get the job done and teach them how to be better organised.

7 must try thrilling back to school activities and crafts

Strawberry Notebook Cover

Want to make your child’s notebook covers interesting? Here’s a colourful back-to-school paper craft activity with some dashy fruit designs! We’ve done a strawberry-themed notebook cover with a name label and pen holder. You can make one with your child’s favourite fruit! He/she is sure to love it! (This may also get your little one to eat healthy!)

Wooden Scale Holder

Create a wooden wall holder for your child where you can clip the essential school items. All you need is a wooden scale and some clothespins. Engage your child in creating this unique school-themed wooden scale holder. All set to make your little one’s morning routine hassle-free? Here’s how:

School Bag Checklist

Does your child need a reminder about packing everything in his/her school bag? Well, we have a creative cardboard craft activity to help your little one organise in a better manner. Make an easy checklist for your child to pack for school without much ado. We’ve made a cardboard (we reused Flintobox) checklist that looks like a frog!

Paper Folder

Yet another school year has begun and your child’s paper load has started to trickle down onto the table! Want to help him/her organise the important papers and answer sheets? We have just the simple yet engaging craft solution—a paper folder by recycling a piece of cardboard. You can use the Flintobox too!

School Bus Pen Stand

Is your child’s study table starting to get messy with all those stationery items? How about helping him/her organise better with this storage box craft activity. A big plus, your little one learns about recycling the used juice can and bottle caps to make a school bus pen stand. So, here you go!

Pineapple Pen Stand

Pencils here, sketch pens there! How about a fruity twist to help him/her stack the stationery items in one place? We have just the colourful recycling craft activity that your little one would love to pitch in. Oh, you will need to a used plastic jar!

Ice Cream Stick Bookmark

How you can help your child pick out where the page he/she is supposed to work on? Using a bookmark! We have a wonderful and simple ice cream stick bookmark activity. You and your child can make one for each subject. This school year, let your little one recycle some ice cream sticks.


Simple yet engaging craft activities, weren’t they? It’s always fun to kick-start your child’s new school year in a creative and artsy manner. Which of the back-to-school activities did your little one like doing the most? Do tell us in the ‘Comments’ section below.

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