29 Exciting Decor Craft Activities Every Child Will Enjoy

Pick up all the art supplies and set an art corner for your child and you to craft some stunning and simple decors that you can display on your living room wall or in your child’s bedroom. Hey, you can put them up just anywhere. With these set of decor craft activities, your little one not only shows off his/her creative flair, but also enhances the fine motor, coordination, and cognitive skills.

29 decor craft activities to  your child’s artistic skills

Zootopia In A Matchbox

Pssst…, there are animals hiding in your thumbs. Don’t believe us? Then, this colourful decor craft idea is meant for your child and you. Reuse a matchbox, pick out some coloured papers and paint, dab the colours on the thumbs, and just create a wonderful array of animal thumb prints. Here’s how you can put on a show!

Craft Postbox

With a used plastic jar, some black and red paints, your child and you can create a miniature postbox. Take a look at this decor craft activity that’s sure to remind you of the good old days of writing letters. Well, you can leave tiny positive letters for your child to open every day!

3D Hand

Here’s a mind-blowing decor craft activity that will teach your child something about optical illusion. It’s all about 3D art. So get your colour supplies in place and help your child make an interesting art decor! 

Stars And Moon

Ready to make the night sky filled with stars and that butter yellow Moon? Well, check out this fun table decor craft activity that’s sure to tickle your child’s creativity. Here’s how we made our stars and Moon decor:

Retro Cassette Player

Remember when you listened to songs on your cassette player? Well, this enchanting decor craft activity is a must-try then! Get your child to help you create a retro cassette player by reusing a matchbox and some bottle caps. Time to rewind then?!

Handprint Owls

Here’s an art attack decor craft activity, which is sure to make your child happy! It’s messy for one. Spread out some paper, ask him/her to dab the paint on and create handprints, and create the adorable handprint owls. Here’s how.

Paper Bird Door Decor

Check out our enchanting decor craft idea that is sure to bring out your child’s nurturing side. It’s about the mother bird and baby bird. With a bit of snipping and sticking, you will have a bird decor that can be put on the door.

Recycled CD Hippo

Get all set to turn an old CD into an adorable hippopotamus with this fun decor craft activity on Artsy Craftsy Mom. Your child learns to recycle and reuse a CD in an artsy manner. So download the template; help little one snip and stick to make a hippopotamus!

Decor Craft - Recycled CD Hippo

4-Step Geometric Giraffes

Create the world’s tallest land animal in these four easy steps. This wall decor craft activity is all about shapes. Let your child snip, roll, and glue together the giraffe! Put up your kid’s creation on the wall for everyone to see.

Paper Plate Aquarium

How about your child and you making an aquarium as wall decor? This engaging decor craft idea is all about creating an aquarium using a paper plate, paints, and a bit of snipping and painting. Throw in some pebbles as well, the aquarium will be all ready in a jiffy!

Decor Craft – Key Holder

Who said key holders can’t make for a wonderful wall decor? By recycling cardboard and then gluing some coloured papers, your child and you make a key holder. Here’s the decor craft idea that we came up with, this Father’s Day!

Sunflower Burst

Using a few paper cups, create a bunch of bright sunflowers! Keep all your art supplies ready to snip, colour, and stick to create a sunflower burst wall decor. Your child is sure to love all that snipping with this decor craft!

Wind Turbine

Ready to help your child to learn about the use of clean energy options? This mind-blowing decor activity will not only make for a wonderful showpiece but also serve as a prop to explain how a wind turbine works! Here’s how we made a wind turbine, this World Environment Day:

Wildflower Meadow

With some paint, chart, and a few bottle caps, your child and you can create a beautiful wall decor! This artsy decor craft activity has oodles of messiness quotient. Just make a multicoloured wildflower meadow.

Japanese Fan

How about letting your child master his/her fine motor skill with this paper folding decor craft idea? He/she creates a Japanese fan! It can be used as table decor or a fan to blow the heat away. Use of different coloured papers.

Ice Cream Stick Photo Frame

Pick up a few ice cream sticks, select a photograph, and create a photo frame! Take a trip down the memory lane with this easy decor craft activity. Then, sit down with your child and frame the photo. Hang it in your living room!

Kite Festival

This stunning decor idea is sure to take you down the memory lane. Remember flying a kite as a kid? Make a coloured kite along with your child. Put it up on the living room wall. Sit down with your little one and narrate your stories about flying kites! Make as many as you want.

Cardboard Roll Owl

How about reusing a toilet paper roll and creating a sleeping owl? Check out this interesting decor craft idea on The Art Room. Help your child create this nocturnal bird and place it on his/her table!

Decor Craft - Paper Roll Owl

Mini Suitcase

Well, your vacation is just around the corner and your kid’s excitement is just too much for you to handle. Then, what better way to channelise than by creating a mini suitcase? Here’s an interesting decor craft idea to reuse the matchbox:

Leaf Art

Here’s a messy and colourful decor craft idea which is sure to keep your child engaged. All you need are some leaves, colours, and a chart paper. You can put the leaf art your child creates in his/her room. Here’s how:

Four Seasons

Teach your little one about different seasons at the same time create an interesting table decor. You will recycle the paper cups and paper plate. For this simple decor craft activity, we used colourful washi tapes. You may use coloured papers, instead.

Paper Plate Nemo Fish

Imagine making a cutesy clown fish who resembles a lot like Nemo! Your child could hang it in his/her room as a wall decor. Take a look at this fun and messy decor activity in which he/she can recycle paper plate and colour it in any colour!

Make Your Own Firebolt!

How can we forget Harry Potter? Well, for those of you who love to collect all the Harry Potter memorabilia, how about making one? A huge plus, your child will help you create one. So, how about creating a Firebolt table decor? Here’s our stunning decor craft activity:


Hey there, how about creating a snowman as a table decor? Hold on, this snowman is here to stay without melting. All you need is a used water bottle, some cotton, and paints. We in this interesting wall decor craft activity we tell you all about how to make one.

Thumb Print Peacock

Ready to capture the moment of peacock dancing with this colourful decor craft activity? Get your child to dab the colours and make thumbprints of peacock feathers on a paper plate. Get ready to make this artsy decor!

The Golden Snitch

There’s this game in the Harry Potter series called Quidditch where each game ends only when the seeker catches the elusive golden snitch! Introduce your child to this wonderful game with this table decor craft activity. It’s quite simple to make one!

Weave A Fish

Make a multicoloured fish by using the paper weaving technique. It not only helps your child express his/her creativity, but also enhance his/her fine motor skills. Here’s the enthralling decor craft idea that’s sure to make your wall seem more colourful.

Photo Frame Rocket

Here is an engaging decor craft idea for your child and you to create a photo frame that resembles a rocket. Just select the photo you want to frame. Recycle a plastic bottle and some chart. Then, just build a photo frame rocket!

Paper Lantern

You don’t need an occasion to make a lantern. Here’s a quick and simple snipping decor craft activity for your child and you to create one. Make lanterns in different colours. Decorate his/her room with lights and these lanterns!


It’s nice to make your home look beautiful with decors that are handmade by your child and you. Besides, it gives him/her a wonderful learning experience about various things. He/she tries a hand at different things. Let us know about your child’s favourite decor activities in the ‘Comments’ section below.

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