5 Spectacular Thumb Printing Art Activities For Your Kids

How about an artsy bonding time with your child? So, stock up your art supplies, create a messiness zone, and get set to create some wonderful thumbprint art! We have a bunch of thumb printing art activities that are sure to nudge your little one to show off his/her imagination and creativity. These apart, his/her fine motor, coordination, and cognitive skills.

5 thumb printing art activities to boost your kid’s artistic skills

Thumb Print Peacock

As the peacock spreads it feathers to dance, it’s a sight one shouldn’t miss! This magnificent thumb printing idea is all about the dancing peacock. Your child just needs to dab the colours, make impressions of the thumb, and make a wall decor!

Monster Doodles

There are monsters hidden in those thumbprints! Well, your child and you can find them. Just dab some bright colours, make thumb imprints, and doodle the monsters! Check out our thumb printing art activity to know how. Shh tread carefully!

Family Portrait

Ready to create a family portrait using ice cream sticks, coloured papers, colours, and your family members. Dab the colours you like and create thumb impressions. Here’s our thumb printing idea for your reference!

Thumb Print Characters

How about creating some characters by stamping thumb imprints? Here’s an interesting activity by Mocomi Kids that’s sure to get your child to create some fun characters. So, spread some chart part on the floor, and get your child to make thumb impressions. Ready to try out?Thumb Printing Art - Characters

Thumb Printing Art – Family Tree

There are so many ways to create a family tree. Well, this easy thumb printing activity is one, but we assure you it has all the colourfulness you are looking for in a family tree! It’s a great family bonding art activity.


Thumb printing helps your child show off his/her imaginative artistic skill. You can creatively make use of thumb printing art to teach your child different topics. So, do tell us which activities your little one loved trying out.

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