7 Magical Harry Potter Craft Activities For Your Kids

So, are you a crazy Harry Potter fan waiting to introduce your child to these stunning volumes, or have already introduced them? Well, these mind-blowing Harry Potter craft activities are a great option.

Your child can lend you a hand in creating some magical artefacts! With these engaging activities, he/she will get to work on his/her creativity, coordination and fine motor skills.

7 Harry Potter craft activities to boost your child’s creativity

Hogwarts Acceptance Letter

It all starts with the acceptance letter from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, doesn’t it? How about making one from scratch along with your child? Here’s our Harry Potter craft activity for your inspiration. Don’t keep the owl waiting!

Harry Potter Wand And Hat

If you’re headed to Hogwarts, then a wand and a hat are a must! Well, we know it’s physically impossible to go to Diagon Alley for shopping now. So, how about creating a wand and hat while at home? Check out this wonderful Harry Potter craft activity:

Make Your Own Firebolt!

Well, we know you would love to get a hand on that Firebolt, Sirius Black bought Harry Potter! But for now, wouldn’t it be nice to start with its miniature model with this Harry Potter craft idea? So, get ready with all supplies to make a Firebolt table decor?

The Golden Snitch

A Quidditch match ends only a seeker catches hold of the elusive golden snitch. Tell you what! You can make a golden snitch of your own with this quick Harry Potter craft activity. Your child will love a snitch with its wings spread open! A decor you must have.

Harry Potter Mini Books

How about making miniature collection of Harry Potter books, the seven of them? Your child and you can reuse the matchboxes to create the books. Just download the template from this Harry Potter craft idea and ta-da, your collection is ready for your showcase!

Make Your Harry Potter T-Shirt

Create your own Harry Potter themed shirt by taking a look at our Harry Potter craft activity! Choose a t-shirt, pick out a colour of your child’s choice, download the stencil, and let your child sponge the colours on the t-shirt. Once dry, get your little one to put it on!

Make An Elder Wand

You can create an Elder wand by reusing newspaper and chopstick with this Harry Potter craft activity on Buzz magazine. Get set to make an impressive looking one along with your child. You can pretend play as a wizard/witch as well. Here’s how:

Harry Potter craft - Elder Wand


Introducing your child to the magical world of Harry Potter can be made more fun through these simple and magical activities. They will his/her curiosity to know more about the world created by J K Rowling! Well, do tell us which all activities your child loved trying out.

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