The Most-Awarded Preschool Learning Program For 1.5-6-Year-Olds

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Early education is an essential part of every child’s development. A child’s early interaction with their environment, parent and first learning experience deeply affect their understanding of the world. Additionally, it affects their physical, cognitive, emotional, and social development. As parents, it is our responsibility to ensure that we provide our children with the best first learning experience.

With the growing concerns of the Coronavirus, we all share the same insecurity towards the uncertainties surrounding the current times and are faced with scepticism towards sending kids to physical schools. When the lockdown was implemented, parents with toddlers were particularly concerned about the safety of their little ones and wondered whether sending their kids to preschools was a good idea.

Pandemic or no pandemic, it is very important to continue your little one’s learning without break. This is because children develop many essential skills between the ages of 1.5 and 6. They learn to explore, interact, ask questions and solve answers. 

As a parent, you can utilize this opportunity to spend some quality time with your toddler, while developing essential communication and motor skills. Early childhood education and development set the foundation for lifelong learning. The experiences that children have in early childhood help shape their minds and increase their capacity to get along with others, learn new skills, deal with stress, and other important responses to daily stresses and challenges. 

Wondering how to ensure your child continues their education, without compromising on their safety? 

Opt for a learning kit for kids that is safe, educational, and fun!

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Things to consider when choosing an educational kit for kids

Always consider a preschool education kit that is not entirely online. It would lead to a lot of screen-time and due to the lack of hands-on activities, your little one might become distracted during the activities or not grasp the concepts well. Though online activities sound very convenient, it is always a better option to opt for something that is hands-on and play-based. 

Make sure the preschool learning kit you choose is research-based and designed by experts. This will help ensure your little one is learning while having fun.

The nursery learning kit should also be child-friendly and safe. No parent would want their child to get injured while engaging with fun activity boxes, right?

Introducing Flintoclass@HOME Learning Program for 1.5 to 6-year-olds! 

Flintoclass At Home kit is a research-based preschool learning kit that provides hands-on activities and pre-recorded guidance sessions to children between the ages of 1.5 to 6 years old. All the materials are shipped directly to your doorstep!

Designed by Pedagogy experts and child psychologists, the curriculum supports holistic learning for children. 

Flintoclass Curriculum

Flintoclass@HOME curriculum is research-driven, child-centric, and aims to ensure that every child is provided with the best resources during the vital stages of development. The curriculum is a culmination of methodologies including Playway, John Dewey, Waldorf, and Multiple Intelligence.

The playgroup learning kit focuses on communication & language skills, physical development, social and emotional development, creative skills, cognitive development, and literacy skills. 

Click here to learn more about the curriculum of Flintoclass@HOME preschool and what goes behind developing the best nursery learning kit!

Flinto Learning Research Center

The Flintoclass@HOME curriculum is designed by The Flinto Learning Research Center. The Flinto R&D Center is the global leader in bringing a paradigm shift in early childhood education. Led by a team of child psychologists, pedagogy experts, and curriculum specialists, The Center aims to reform the length and breadth of early education. 

Flinto R&D follows the principles of universal design in the learning methodologies so that every single child, regardless of their differences and uniqueness, enjoys the experience.  Additionally, the team works towards building the right tools for age-specific learning so that the final products are child-safe and break-resistant.

What comes in the Flintoclass@HOME learning kit?

Watch this video to find out! 

How much does Flintoclass cost?

The Flintoclass prices of the playgroup learning kit will depend on the length of subscription you choose. Visit our website to learn more about Flintoclass fees structure.

Where does Flintoclass@HOME ship?

Currently, Flintoclass@HOME ships in the United States, Canada, The Middle East, and India.

What is the Flintoclass At Home Review?

Wondering if the Flintoclass@HOME learning kit for your child? Click the video below to see a Flintoclass review.

Is Flintoclass the same as Flintobox? 

While Flintobox is an extra-curricular activity box for kids focusing on unstructured play, Flintoclass@HOME is a complete early learning program that delivers preschool education to your doorstep. It focuses on all aspects of a child’s learning years including academics, life skills, and much more. Flintoclass is designed to replace preschools by making your child school-ready from the safety and comfort of your home during the COVID pandemic.

More questions?

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Flintoclass@HOME is the safest and the best gift you can give to your child. Parents around the world love Flintoclass! Give your child the joy of learning today!

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